Cloud4 Announces NSPCC as preferred Charity for 2013

Cloud 4 Computers to partner with the NSPCC as preferred Charity!

NSPCC Letter From Santa
NSPCC Letter From Santa

With the continuing success of Cloud4 Computers comes a desire to share it with others. As part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Phil Donoghue and the whole team are extremely happy to announce the NSPCC as our preferred charity for 2013.

Noting the outstanding work being done through both the NSPCC and Childline brands in the North West, Phil is keen to explain,

“We have been developing a new division within the business, focused on providing the best Hosted IT Services to charities across the UK, at market leading prices by passing on discounts available from Microsoft. To have the NSPCC as our preferred charity is an honour and we are very proud to be associated with this incredible charity, and we are looking forward working closely with them to help improve awareness of the charity and to support them financially too”.

Cloud4 will be supporting this years NSPCC run ‘Letter from Santa’ campaign to our database of over a quarter of a million businesses and ask that all of our clients, reseller partners and the people of Leigh and the North West look online HERE  to see how they can also help support the campaign in the run up to Christmas. If you have children, get them a letter form Santa today!

Microsoft Prices to Increase in January 2013

Microsoft Confirms UK Prices to Increase!

Microsoft SPLA Prices to Increase in January 2013
Hosting will still provide best value

Earlier this year Microsoft announced that they would be increasing UK prices in July 2012 across all their volume licensing programs, which included the SPLA licenses used by hosting providers to provide services such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted Desktops and Servers. These pricing changes were due to take effect on the 1st July, however after listening to feedback from the hosting community, Microsoft at the last minute agreed to defer what was to be an average 33.4% increase until January 2013.

This week, Microsoft confirmed to it’s partners and clients that this change would still go ahead and become effective from the first of January 2013 and would apply to both existing, and new clients with immediate effect. Details of the increases were discussed at a meeting held yesterday with Microsoft’s partners including Cloud4 Computers which confirmed that although the increase is to go ahead, the actual size of the increase has been reduced to an average of 25.9% from the original 33.4% which again shows the company has listened to the concerns and feedback of its partners.

So why is the increase required?

Why Microsoft has done this, it’s to bring the UK into line with the pricing seen in Euro’s throughout EU, as to date the UK has been on average around 30 percent cheaper than mainland Europe, for no particular reason other than currency fluctuation. Microsoft is seeking to bring all of Europe into line with more consistent pricing, and as an example of this it is believed that prices in Switzerland will actually decrease slightly.

Although first reaction to a price increase is no doubt negative, it is also fair to say that in the UK we have been benefiting from much lower pricing for several years, and this alignment was at some point inevitable. In addition, Microsoft, in general, alters its pricing less frequently and less radically than many other vendors which makes this appear a more immediate and direct hit.

So whats happens next?

Once the actual revised pricing for January is released on December 1st, the UK’s hosting providers will be taking a look at how the changes affect both themselves and be calculating the probable increases they will need to pass onto their clients. At Cloud4 Computers we’ll be doing the same, and looking at what we can do to minimise the impact of the new prices for our clients. One thing we do know is that what ever changes we need to make, all our clients will still benefit from some of the most comprehensive hosted services available in the UK for a single, and still competitive price.

Clients and resellers who have any questions about the price increases should in the first instance speak to their account manager.

Hosted Desktop – What’s all the fuss about?

Hosted Desktop users set to grow in 2013!

What is a Hosted Desktop?

Cloud 4 Hosted Desktops
Hosted Desktops in Demand

A Hosted Desktop is an ever more popular way of being able to access your Windows Desktop, which is traditionally found on your PC or Laptop. Instead of saving all your important documents and applications on your PC you can save them on your Hosted Desktop and then access them from any location and using almost any internet ready device. So you really can take the office with you.

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Hosted Exchange – A Buyers Guide

Hosted Exchange user numbers continue to grow.

Hosted Exchange for Business
Hosted Exchange Continues to Grow

The growth of Hosted Exchange as the preferred business email solution was predicted by Microsoft several years ago, and now in November 2012 there seems no end in sight to the ever increasing number of businesses going hosted. It has been widely predicted that around 70% of small and medium sized business in the UK will adopt hosted email over the next few years, with up to 30% by the end of 2013.


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