3 Simple Reasons Your Business Needs a Hosted Desktop

Why use a hosted desktop?  Many sHosted Desktopmall businesses are asking themselves that question now. As cloud computing becomes a mainstream consumer product, businesses are starting to trust the cloud to access IT infrastructure and services.

If your business isn’t using hosted desktop technology yet, it will almost certainly adopt it within the next 3 years. Why? Let’s look at the reasons why this is a product so ideal for SMEs.

1. Hosted Desktops are Affordable

In a small business, it’s typical to buy each user a computer, or let everyone bring their own computer to work under a loose Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) arrangement. Either way, there’s an initial spend required, either from the user themselves, or the company.

When you need more capacity, or a broader range of operating systems, buying more machines gets expensive fast.

Instead of purchasing additional machines, a hosted desktop can let you expand without the need for capital outlay. If you need more machines, jut rent them. Need to cut back? Just scale back your contract.

2. Hosted Desktops are Convenient

There’s a certain bliss to leaving your notebook in the hotel safe, or setting off for a weekend away without the laptop bag over your shoulder. Sooner or later, though, you’ll get that urgent call that requires you to drop everything and deal with an emergency. If one critical document is saved on your local hard drive, you’ve no chance of being able to help.

The portability of a hosted desktop is one of its best assets. It’s always there waiting if you need it. Pop your tablet PC in your bag, or log on from your smartphone over 4G, and your desktop is there, right where you left it.

For summer holidays, day trips and even work engagements, a hosted desktop could pay for itself in one hour, while leaving you free to enjoy time away from your desk.

3. Hosted Desktops are Safe

How many times have you had a near miss with your data? Maybe the dog tipped a cup of tea on your laptop, and you had a few breathless moments trying to drain it out. Perhaps a giggling toddler has dropped your smartphone down the loo – just to see what happened. It’s our worst nightmare, yet accidental data loss happens all the time.

Hosted desktops are stored on a remote server, in a data centre bolstered by military-grade security. If you store business critical data in that environment, it’s secured, scanned for viruses, protected against malware and completely locked down. Critically, your host’s data centre is guaranteed to be free of clumsy dogs and mischievous toddlers, too.


Small businesses tend to lead the way in IT innovation. They’re more willing to experiment and try new things. Cloud adoption is widespread, and it’s the SME that’s gaining the most ground from this exciting new technology.

If you want to accelerate growth and limit your exposure to risk, a subscription based hosted desktop could be the ideal solution. Let Cloud4 demonstrate just how versatile and simple our desktop-as-a-service offering can be.

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