3 Years of Cloud4 Computing!

Welcome to the Cloud4 Computers blog. 3 years in the making but in our defence we have been very busy with development of our hosted services and looking after our clients incredibly well.

Let me start by saying it’s been an exciting and interesting journey through the last 3 years, in which we’ve seen “Cloud Computing” become an industry with so much potential for changing the way businesses view and use IT. Of course, providing IT services through hosting is not in any way a new concept, people have been using hosted email services for over 20 years, and let’s face it who actually hosts their own website?

What has driven the growth of Cloud Computing?

What has actually driven the growth for internet based IT services, or “the cloud” as it became known is two things; the development of virtualisation and the improved internet speeds which came with continued reliability.  These two elements combined have given hosting companies the ability to provide more services than ever before over the internet much more reliably than at any other time in history.

In 2012 internet based IT as a service is coming of age, and more businesses than at any other time are embracing and adopting hosted IT services to support and compliment their in-house IT infrastructure. This was predicted by many industry experts as long as 10 years ago, and the billions that have invested include world’s largest technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon. The last 5 years in particular show that the cloud is coming of age, whether we like it or not, the way we compute and access IT is changing forever!

Businesses no longer need to squander huge capital sums to purchase and maintain IT in-house, “the cloud” gives them the option to acquire all the functionality they need for a small monthly fee.

Cloud products and services

More innovative products are being created on a daily basis which gives businesses access to cost effective solutions that can improve performance and return on IT investment. These services have also given smaller businesses the ability to access technology previously out of reach because of the investment required to attain it, allowing them to compete more equally against bigger competitors; this is always good for commerce, employment and the economy!

Interestingly though what is emerging is, the fastest growing cloud services being adopted by business all over the world are those services which provide real solutions, the everyday fundamental requirements that all businesses have such as communications, security and most importantly a world that feels obliged to react immediately.

Popular Cloud Services

So what are the hosted service being adopted ever more frequently which not only provide a better return on investment, but improved functionality or cost saving?

  • Email Services; provided using Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Hosted Virtual Desktops for flexible computing, anywhere
  • Hosted Servers with flexible terms and configurations
  • Online Data Backup for robust business data security
  • Hosted Applications that come in many forms covering thousands of uses.
  • Hosted VoIP business telephone for reducing costs and improving communications

There are of course many other “Cloud” services becoming available but those listed above are certainly growing very quickly across all types of organisation.

 Cloud4 looking ahead

At Cloud4, we have come a long way in just 3 years and have lots of new developments coming up throughout 2012, so keep your eyes on the website and of course the all new Blog for the latest news.

Thanks for reading the new Cloud4 blog and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback!



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