7 reasons why Cloud Computing can benefit Charities

CharityOver the past few years, more and more charities have been migrating over to the cloud to leverage whatever resources they have without spending too much on IT. In order to compete against the market, charities and Non-profit Organisations use cloud based services to get more out their IT. In a survey conducted in 2012 of over 10, 000 non-profit organisations, 90% of charities and NPO use at least 1 cloud based service.

Here are only a couple of reasons why cloud computing for charities simply work

1)      Data security – Data is crucial to any business, let alone charities. Though there is a lot of talk about securing BYOD within charity organisations, it’s often overlooked how simple it can be with the cloud. With the security of the cloud, you can put more effort into fundraising campaigns. Within the cloud, your data is stored in ISO-27001 certified datacentres, which ensure the upmost security for your data. The servers are also configured with anti-virus and firewalls to keep your data safe.

2)      Improve mobility – With the cloud, your charity loses the ball and chains of the office. Instead, you can take IT aspects such as email and data with you wherever you go. In fact, using a cloud Hosted Desktop, you can carry a desktop computer with all the apps you need including Microsoft Office wherever you go on practically any device, be it smartphone, laptop or tablet.

3)      Leverage resources – Charities certainly can’t waste the money on expensive hardware unnecessarily and have to deal with whatever they may have. This might require some BYOD policies to enable employees to use their own devices to access crucial data. But in order to do this, charities must implement a stable BYOD policy to ensure data integrity.

4)      Competitive edge – The cloud can give your charity a competitive edge over others in the market. The cloud can make your charity come across in a more professional manner by offering many features that you wouldn’t normally get from your in-house IT. This can be anything from a logo on an intranet network to a custom voice menu on a hosted VoIP solution.

5)      Manage needs and requirements – Unlike traditional IT, the cloud can be adjusted when needed to aid the business in their current operations. The same applies to charities. During seasonal times, your charity might take on more staff, pushing the need for more IT resources. With the cloud, this can be easily achieved as and when needed. You can add and remove users, server space or features freely to keep up with demand.

6)      Control over data – Contrary to popular belief, the cloud can actually improve the control you have over your data. Everything in the cloud is automatically backed up to another server. This means that even if the first datacentre went down, you would still be able to access your data from a second datacentre. On a more practical level, if you do end up losing data due to a natural disaster or a human error, you can easily recover all of it quickly and efficiently to keep your operations running smooth.

7)      Affordability – This is the major hurdle that is changing both vendors and charities on the cost of the cloud. In most cases, charities pay less than businesses for cloud solutions making it more cost effective as you can simply use the cloud to leverage limited resources, rather than investing in new resources to do the same thing. You’ll always be on the bleeding edge of new technology too without the need of buying expensive hardware or managing it yourself. This is all handled back at the datacentre in a secure environment.

In short, the cloud has adapted to suit charities better by offering more flexible and affordable solutions without scrimping on features and ability. The cloud can certainly benefit charities and has been doing for some time already, increasing mobility and productivity, whether it’s something as simple as remote cloud storage or a full-fledged desktop environment complete with applications that your charity needs to operate. It can do all of this and much more at an affordable price than would be available if you were to invest in the hardware or software yourself.

If you want to find out more about how the cloud can benefit your charity, why not to speak to us directly? Request your Cloud Computing for Charities Consultation today.

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