Best Business Tablets for 2017

Best Business TabletsWhen people talk about migrating IT services to the Cloud, they tend to focus on the ‘soft’ elements – what software, what parts of their telecoms network, what data banks to transfer from in situ infrastructure to remote, managed servers.

What sometimes gets forgotten is one of the key reasons why migrating to the Cloud can benefit your business – mobility. With a Cloud business IT network, you don’t have to be in a certain office on a certain broadband connection to get on the company servers and work. In fact, the Cloud lets you work from anywhere you have an internet connection.
But to make the most of that potential, you need hardware to work on. Mobile hardware. And whilst laptops were the first big step away from the fixed desktop, tablets are fast becoming the gadget of choice for business on the move. Lightweight, portable but matching laptops all the way when it comes to processing power, today’s tablets, especially the sleek 2-in-1 variety with the soft folding keyboard covers, give you an office you carry about in one hand.

Here are five of the best tablets for business use we think you can buy in 2017.

Microsoft Surface Pro

After lagging behind Apple and Google for most of the first decade of the mobile arms race, Microsoft has finally started asserting itself in a field it has always excelled in – creating outstanding IT solutions for business. The last installment of the series, the Surface Pro 4, was hailed as a major success. With 8GB of RAM, 256GB storage and a 12.3 inch screen, it could easily rival the performance of any laptop, at a fraction of the bulk. And for many business users, of course, it has the advantage over other tablets of running Windows OS. The only draw back is that the Type Cover keyboard, which attaches and folds out create a transformer-top, is sold separately, making this an expensive 2-in-1. It is hoped this is resolved with the launch of the Surface Pro 5 later this year.

Asus Transformer 3 Pro

This hybrid 2-in-1 Windows tablet unashamedly borrows the look and feel of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but offers two distinct advantages – it comes with its detachable keypad as part of the package, and it offers a staggering 16GB of RAM – unrivalled by any tablet on the market. Although prices start at a cool £899, it represents better value than the Surface Pro + Type Cover bundles. One drawback, however, is battery power.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

In the tit-for-tat scrap for mobile dominance between Samsung and Apple, the South Korean giant seemed to all but abandon trying to compete with the iPad in the consumer market and threw all its eggs into the Smartphone basket. Fortunately for business users, it decided to have another stab at tablets on a different strategy, ditching Android for the Windows OS. The TabPro S is extremely thin and portable, but still packs in 256GB of storage with 4GB of RAM. It is also one of the few Windows tablets to feature a 3:2 aspect ratio screen, mimicking the appearance of the iPad.

Apple iPad Pro

No list of top tablets can ever be complete without representation from Apple. With a 12.9inch screen, the iPad Pro is by far and away the biggest tablet Apple has ever made. And despite specs of 4GB or RAM and 256GB storage seemingly falling short of direct competitors, it is still an incredibly powerful tool driven by Apple’s superbly intuitive operating system and programming. The split screen feature for multitasking is a brilliant feature on a tablet. One drawback is that essential add ons like the keypad cover have to be bought separately, making it an expensive investment.

Dell XPS 12

Another tablet running Windows 10, the XPS 12 is a hybrid 2-in-1 tablet with a difference. Instead of a soft, foldaway keypad cover, the XPS 12 is a game of two halves – the tablet and a solid, rigid keyboard. The big advantage of this is that the keyboard is as good as any you will find on any laptop, while the display and screen resolution of the tablet are also impeccable. The drawback is, without a folding mechanism, it becomes slightly clunky to carry around.

To find out more details and see what other tablets and mobile hardware we have in stock, contact Cloud 4 here.

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