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A man looking for a cloud solutionWith recent changes in the law, businesses are look at ways to improve business productivity for remote workers within their organisation, consolidating both on-site and off-site employees’ needs. One of the ways business can fulfil the needs of these remote workers is by implementing cloud technology to aid in business agility and productivity. Data itself is the most important thing for remote workers. This is why cloud storage has taken off so dramatically in recent years.

With services like OwnCloud, remote workers can access the data they need from a plethora of different devices. Whether they’re on a computer or a smartphone, their data is a click or tap away.

But business cloud storage has evolved far beyond the boundaries of simply storing data. Many services like OwnCloud make it easy for employees to share their data with on-site and off-site employees via email links. They can provide access to a specific file or even a folder within their account so that other employees can keep a tab on what’s going on from wherever they may happen to be. And with both mobile and desktop apps, OwnCloud can be a very smart and simple solution to a great problem. Data can be uploaded and downloaded freely with ease.

Yet file sharing has also taken a new direction and has become more social. The best example of this is Microsoft’s SharePoint. This intranet tool has been popular with many larger businesses and organisations, but in recent years has become more affordable and therefore accessible for smaller businesses to adopt and use to gain a competitive edge within the market.

In its simplest expression, SharePoint is an internal business oriented social network. SharePoint allows employees both on-site and off-site to collaborate on projects and objectives easily. Users can upload documents and other files for others to view. Other users can then comment on the posts, providing feedback and room for improvement. This forum environment can be a very powerful tool for more complex projects that require a cumulative generation of ideas or insights from other departments.

So, if a business has more than one geographical location, employees from other premises can access the same data from the same location easily. This tool, known as eDiscovery, allows people on the network to search for documents, email data and other sites that may be present. With such a powerful search tool, businesses can easily collaborate on projects with access the same UI and data.

Unlike OwnCloud, SharePoint can be customised with your business logo and colour scheme which can give you a business edge over your competitors. As well, SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office allowing users to easily share documents and access important data where and when they need to.

But security still remains a big question. It really comes down to whether you trust the datacentre and the hosting provider to store your data. With OwnCloud and Hosted SharePoint, you are sharing your data across the web with other users to access which can be very dangerous and caution must always be taken. For datacentres holding an ISO-27001 certification, you can be reassured that your business data is secure. As well as the fact that it is hosted in a UK based datacentre and complies with UK legislations.

In short, it’s better to consider business efficiency and what would work better for your employees and IT infrastructure rather than what sounds better. OwnCloud may not be as full featured as SharePoint, lacking some of the more advanced social tools, but it is much easier to use and is simplistic in letting users carry data with them wherever they are. SharePoint does have many more features and works fantastically if you have a lot of different geographical locations that need to work simultaneously on a regular basis.

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