How to choose effective business communication solution?

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Communication is the most important aspect of any business and although phone systems are prevalent and indispensable on a day to day basis, not all businesses know about Hosted VoIP and how it can decrease their telephony spending whilst giving them more flexibility.

Businesses use telephony to communicate with other businesses, potential partners and clients but the truth is that phones are necessary for simple tasks such as internal communication and interdepartmental collaboration. Modern businesses, however, will not just look for a telephone solution, modern businesses will search for a more advanced business telephony solution not just to decrease the costs but also enhance user experience. Now when technology has changed so drastically, internet has enabled that too.

Today’s fast growing and highly mobile businesses are looking towards VoIP to improve their business agility. Why? Because with Hosted PBX you are not bound to the office desk phone. Though many offices with VoIP integrated into their IT infrastructure do have desk phones, they can access all of the features that the desk phone has from practically any internet enabled device such as smartphones, laptops and desktops, with the inclusion of a headset.

Much like many mobile and landline providers, Hosted VoIP providers have packages suited towards the business. However, it can be configured in more ways than landlines and for less than a landline. In addition, as phone calls are handled over the internet, the cost of calls is reduced. Though it may not seem that much of a difference (Usually a couple of pence), it all adds up over the month.

The adoption of hosted telephony among businesses is triggered by needs against their competition. It can provide features found in larger companies to small businesses such as Voice Menus (“Press 1 for accounts, press 2 for services” etc), the ability to access business contacts on the go from a smartphone app, being able to add and remove users flexibly and make international calls from anywhere in the world through the internet, allowing for more productive workers. This can give a small business a competitive edge against rivals, producing a much more professional telephony system without spending excess.

It’s typically rule of thumb that outsourcing saves time, effort and money but many forget that it is also very easy to do. You can migrate contacts easily from the handsets to the cloud so that they can be accessed on any device connected and configured with the installed VoIP service. This maintains data control and integrity and allows a business to give more flexibility and trust to remote workers.

As well as more traditional add-ons to the service, hosted telephony can also provide much more advanced features such as the ability to re-route data to other protocols such as Email, SMS, and push notifications on mobiles. VoIP also uses hunt groups which are groups of recipients that can receive specific calls. This typically works in conjunction with the voice menus and also provides a group of people to be assigned to a single extension. In laymen’s terms, you can send a call to your accounting department for any one of the accountants to pick up.

One of the biggest reasons many small businesses adopt Hosted VoIP in replacement of Landlines is for the cost. The director of UBS told us “We saved about £400 initially and still save a fortune every month from the cheaper calls, and we got to keep our phone number which was important.” This kind of saving is crucial to many small businesses. Though many perceive this as cutting corners, it’s far from it. When you invest in Hosted PBX, you simply move your business phone system to the cloud, which better makes use of both hardware and software such as Lync and other softphones on desktops, tablets and mobiles, making the system multiplatform and highly flexible.

In short, Hosted PBX is a perfect solution for businesses that are looking for cost-effective and innovative business telephony solution. If your business aims to go mobile, which many are considering after a UK law passed earlier this year allowing anyone to request working from home, then chances are that you’ll want to invest in Hosted VoIP services so that your employees never miss a conversation.

These are not the only benefits. Interested in knowing more how it can help your business and what your options are? Contact Cloud4 for more information on Hosted VoIP telephony now!

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