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Cloud4 Launches Next Generation Hosted Desktop

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Cloud4 Launches new Citrix Hosted Desktop

Always one to be at the cutting edge of Cloud services development, Cloud4 has now launched its next generation Hosted Desktop solution. Designed around the latest in hosting technology from Citrix, Microsoft and Dell, the platform has been built for reliability and speed on the highest specification Dell servers using solid state drives (SSD) throughout. Not only this, but the new desktop offers users the ultimate in access security and data protection with our exclusive two-factor authenticated login via SMS. In this blog we take a look at the advantages of the new solution.

Citrix Access Technology

By working with Citrix to build the solution around their technology, the entire user experience is better and faster. Citrix only requires around a quarter of the bandwidth required by RDP to connect to the data centre, making it idea even for remote workers with limited bandwidth available to them. It’s also easier to access from your a browser or an app on your smartphone or tablet device and because of the way it manages the connectivity you get more speed.

Once into your desktop environment users also experience the speed advantages, even being able to smoothly stream HD video or use graphically intense applications such as Photoshop successfully within the hosted desktop. When you add to this the other technologies built into the platform including the fact it’s all built on solid state hard drives (SSD) you have one of the fastest and most reliable solutions of its type available in the market today.

Faster by Design

The unique bespoke design of the new platform, combined with the latest high specification servers with solid state drives, works perfectly with the lower resource requirements of Citrix, and what you get is one fast desktop environment you can even stream HD video on or even use graphics applications.

Exclusive Two-Factor Security System.

We take security seriously, and many potential cloud adopters highlight this area as one of the major concerns when considering moving to the cloud. This is why we developed our exclusive two-factor login authentication solution, which you can add onto any users login who needs to access their hosted desktop on the move. The system allows a user to enter thier username and then sends an SMS style pop up message to your mobile device with a one time password, which then disappears after login. This is exclusive to Cloud4 having been developed between our own team and the Citrix developers for our platform.

Cost Effective, Manageable Business Mobility

With businesses becoming increasingly mobile and embracing flexible working, bring your own device (BYOD) and consuming IT services online. The time is right for a secure and cost effective alternative to in-house IT networks. The Citrix Hosted Desktop can not only deliver this, but give you business back the control of your netork, whether your users are using your own assets of their own device to access company resources.

In addition to all this we can provide an extra layer of control with our mobile device management software SOTI which can track all of your assets via GPRS, lock down specific functions which are non business related and we can even wipe the device if it were lost or stolen.

Why Cloud4 for Cloud Based IT Solutions

As with all of the IT solutions we build, you get a more for your money with Cloud4, and with our Citrix Hosted Desktop its no different. We can deploy a fully featured hosted environment for your business which includes Microsoft Office 2013 and a 25GB Exchange 2013 mailbox, plus all your applications hosted FREE from as little as £49.95 per month including our widely renowned 24/7 UK based support. Outside this we have a whole range of complimentary products and services which allows us to create a truly bespoke IT solution that improves your organisations IT flexibility and user mobility, cost effectively!

Hosted Desktop Free Trial

If you want to make changes to your business IT and would like a free trial, simply request a trial here, visit the website or contact us on 0845 862 0263 for more information.









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