Cloud Computing for Business. It is right for you?

Cloud Computing for Business
Is the Cloud for Your Business?

Moving your Business to the Cloud.

For many businesses, making the decision to move away from “the way we’ve always done it” can be a big step. This has always been particularly true concerning organisations IT infrastructure or services. Now with the Cloud developing so quickly, businesses are being asked to take a larger leap than at any other time away from the historic norm!

Cloud Computing Vs IT Ownership.

It’s been the same for over 20 years, when new technology is developed, businesses need to look at the benefits and cost implications of adopting it or not. The adoption is then often driven by the life cycle of hardware such as servers or PC’s. But change, although most often for the better, is not always simple and often costly.

The cloud now adds another dimension to this, giving business not only the ability to upgrade technology, but to decide between owning IT through capital expenditure, or simply using IT through a subscribed service. There are benefits to both of course, many businesses will always prefer to purchase, build and maintain their own IT networks and services and have the finances to do so. However more and more businesses are now understanding the benefits of outsources services and computing resources, removing the headache’s and costs of ongoing maintenance of IT hardware. Other benefits include, overall reduction of IT costs, upgrades to latest technologies as they become stable and the ability to utilise IT staff on strategy not maintenance.

Moving to the Cloud: Look for reviews!

So you make the decision to outsource some or all of your services to the Cloud. What next? Look for a Cloud services partner who can help you look at your IT and make some decisions about what types of hosted services will suit your business, and compliment your existing IT structure. When looking at potential providers, it’s important to conduct some due diligence and understand a number of factors about them. For example where they are based, location of the datacentres used, what provisions they have for service continuity. most of all it is important to look at as many reviews as you can, and even speak to the providers existing clients who already consume the services you are interested in.

Any quality provider should be able to point you to client reviews maintained by independent sources such as FreeIndex or Trust Pilot for example. They will also be happy to provide client reference you can speak to, to enable you to gain a true image of what the customer experience and benefits are like.

Beware the “Headline Price”.

So you know what hosted IT services (cloud services) you are interested in, you find a few service providers who provide them, and start to compare costs! As with everything in life, the price you see is seldom the price you end up paying for something. This is also true with hosted services, as many providers simply publish a headline price on their websites. With many providers however, once you start moving through the sales process, you quickly realise that in order to purchase the what you need, you have to bolt on what in many cases are essential services that are required to make it a complete solution.So before you commit to going with any provider, you need to understand what you need, and what the total cost per user is for the solution, not the headline price!

Summing it up.

Before you jump in, understand what services will benefit your business, understand who you’re dealing with and get reviews, speak to clients. And make sure you compare the full costs of service and importantly what you get for your money.

Free Cloud Business Reviews.

As part of our commitment to working with business to help them make the jump to cloud services, Cloud4 offers free no obligation cloud business reviews, aimed and understanding your business and where hosted IT services could benefit you. For more information about this, simply email us at or just give us a call on 0845 862 0263 (option 1) and speak to our friendly team.


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