Cloud4 to Launch Hosted Exchange 2013

Exchange 2013 Hosting comes to Cloud4

As one of the UK’s leading Hosted Exchange providers, Cloud4 is set to launch the very latest version of the service Exchange 2013 to market in April 2013, making us one of the first UK providers to build, test and launch this latest iteration of the worlds most popular business email service.

What are the Benefits of Exchange 2013?

Although it hasn’t changed too much from a user perspective there are certainly some great new features and benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2013 as you can see below;

  1. Offline support in Outlook Web App: Your emails and actions are automatically synced the next time connectivity is restored if you lose internet.
  2. Customise Outlook and OWA by integrating apps from the Office marketplace.
  3. In-Place eDiscovery can be run across Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync from a single interface.
  4. Fast Search now integrated into Exchange 2013 managed store to provide a more consistent (across Microsoft servers) indexing and searching experience
  5. Site Mailboxes bring Exchange emails and SharePoint documents together, further enhancing the collaboration aspect of Exchange 2013.

So primarily the updates for users are about enhances user experience online, and improved collaboration for your business across multiple products like Microsoft SharePoint and Lync 2013.

Other Benefits of Hosted Exchange 2013

For your hosting providers, Exchange 2013 is quite a big leap forward over 2010, which is still however regarded as the most stable platform currently until 2013 beds in a little. Some early adopters of the service have struggled to guarantee reliability, which is why at Cloud4 we have intentionally taken more time to built intensively test and develop the service before launching it to market. Advantages of 2013 for Hosters include;

  1. A reduction in the number of available server roles to just two: a Client Access Server (CAS) and a Mailbox Server (MB) role. The result is that: The two roles are now “loosely coupled,” as Microsoft explains it. More from the developers on this architectural change:

    “The Mailbox server includes all the traditional server components found in Exchange 2010: the Client Access protocols, Hub Transport service, Mailbox databases, and Unified Messaging. The Mailbox server handles all activity for a given mailbox. The Client Access server provides authentication, redirection, and proxy services. The Client Access server itself doesn’t do any data rendering. The Client Access server is a thin and stateless server. There is never anything queued or stored on the Client Access server. The Client Access server offers all the usual client access protocols: HTTP, POP and IMAP, and SMTP.”
  2. Inclusion of a “Managed Store,” which is the new name of the rewritten information store processes, these are now written in C#
  3. Support for up to 8TB storage disks and multiple databases per disk via the Data Availability Group (DAG) management.

Keeping pace with Development.

At Cloud4 we’re always up to date with the latest developments around our services, and with Exchange 2013 it was more important to take the time to develop the service correctly that to get it onto the market first. Our first user groups are already on the platform and these clients are really happy with the service and the new features they have available around the collaboration and online usability of the product, so we expect it to be popular with our clients beyond launch.

Existing Hosted Exchange users will be given the option to upgrade to the new services soon after it’s launch, and interested clients should speak to their account manager about this who will have all the details.

Launch Date

The launch date for Hosted Exchange 2013 is 21st April, however you can place orders for the new service from Monday 11th March 2013. For more information why not give our expert team a call on 0845 862 0263 today.

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