Heartbleed – We are not affected

Heartbleed openSSLYou might have read about the latest breach in internet security that effects 70% of the internet that uses OpenSSL known as “Heartbleed”.

One of the programmers who wrote the code of the bug, Robin Seggelmann, spoke about how the bug was found by accident.

Even though it was an accident, it doesn’t make the matter any less serious than it already is. Because of this bug, millions of accounts to some of the largest sites such as Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Yahoo and Amazon Web Service (AWS) have been compromised.

 The bug is estimated to be the biggest security breach of all time and has out-done previous attacks such as ILOVEYOU (a.k.a Love Letter) which was estimated to have caused $5.6 billion in damages.

None of our services are affected by the bug and should function as normal. However, we advise you to change your passwords on other services such as Facebook, Google and Dropbox etc. if you use them. Mashable has provided a list outlining some of the services affected by the bug.


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