Hosted Exchange 2013 – is it an ideal solution for my businesses?

Email is the most integral part of most modern businesses, acting as a main source of both internal and external communication. As such, it’s important for businesses to have a substantially reliable email service so that they can focus on their business strategy over their IT infrastructure.

Forum discussionOne of the main reasons many small businesses adopt Hosted Exchange, or migrate their existing Exchange data to the cloud, is to improve the mobility of their business. With Hosted Exchange 2013, you can take your email data wherever you are on practically any device. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can have your email data with you including messages and contacts.

But Hosted Exchange is in fact more than just an email solution. It’s a full collaboration solution which allows you to arrange meetings and events in a shared calendar, share contacts between team members, internally and externally easily. It is combined with Outlook and integrates with Office 2013 to make it easier to share documents with others straight from the Office 2013 desktop application.

With Microsoft Active Sync, you can access your important business emails even when you’re offline. You can also write emails while offline. When you next get a network connection, the email will send and your inbox will update with new emails and data. Tasks, calendars and contacts are all stored in the cloud so that you always have access to them, improving productivity.

Unlike other hosted email solutions, Hosted Exchange 2013 data is stored in UK based datacentres meaning that you’re safe in the knowledge that your data is close by geographically. As your data is not stored in a server in your office, your business doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance, running or support of the server, providing more uptime. This is all handled back at the date centre by a team of dedicated technicians.

When hosted as a service, Microsoft Exchange reduces capital as you only have to pay per mailbox per month. The ROI if you migrated over to a Hosted Exchange 2013 solution from an in-house server would be met quickly. With the ability to expand the number of uses and the size of each mailbox up to 50GB, it’s a very expandable solution for many small businesses.

To ensure that your business critical data is secure, servers are equipped with anti-spam, firewalls and redundancy. This is one of the most contributing factors that is taken note of when businesses are considering migrating to Hosted Exchange. In addition to this, there is also an automatic backup system in place to ensure that if a disaster does happen, your data can be quickly and easily recovered – even if you delete an email from your mailbox, you can recover it at any point.

As your business data is stored in a datacentre, it complies with the laws and standards that are required to ensure data integrity such as ISO-27001 standards certification to ensure that the server your data is on is secure and reliable. This means that your employees can access their email and other business data securely.

So, is Hosted Exchange 2013 a good choice for businesses? Yes. It is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s highly scalable, flexible and provides the security a business needs for their email solution, as well as many other synchronous features such as integration with Outlook calendar and tasks, Microsoft Office desktop applications and their mobile derivatives.

If you want to find out just how Hosted Exchange 2013 can benefit your business, why not request a free Hosted Exchange trial with us today?

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