Why businesses should choose Hosted Exchange over Office 365?

840428c5-5504-4130-9a81-732cec5e2743Both Hosted Exchange and Office 365 are synchronous collaboration suites developed by Microsoft that focus on email. They allow users to work remotely on a huge range of devices, such as Smartphones and tablets, PC’s and laptops anywhere at any time with various levels of support 24/7 when needed.

What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a collaborative email, calendar and task management solution, designed for the needs of businesses, that keeps all-important corporate email in a centralised location in a secure

datacentre that also works alongside other hosted applications such as Lync 2013 and SharePoint 2013 all supporting a single sign on. Businesses can migrate their existing mailboxes to the Hosted Exchange service, making it easier for larger businesses to embrace Exchange as a service.

Email, tasks, notes and calendar entries can be shared with users easily so that important information is not missed, just like you can use Office 365 with Exchange online. Just like traditional email, work-groups can be set up so that multiple users who collaborate often can be set up so that they always receive important emails.

How can Hosted Exchange benefit your business?

Businesses can experience the wealth of features that Hosted Exchange has to offer including ActiveSync across lots of different devices, sharing and easy account management through an online control portal, improving business efficiency, flexibility and mobility by supporting alternative platforms such as OSX, iOS, Android and Linux. Users of the Hosted Exchange service can also log into a web application using an internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and access all their emails just like they would in Outlook on their computer.

Hosted Exchange allows businesses to customise their email domains to make them appear more professional and can make email more manageable. Hosted Exchange can improve efficiency and productivity of a workforce by combining useful tools into a single sign on, remotely accessible.

How secure is Hosted Exchange?

Security from a Hosted Exchange server provided by a professional Exchange hosting provider is far superior to the security levels that would be achieved if a company hosted the server themselves. When provided as a service, many providers of Hosted Exchange offer free anti-spam, anti-virus, data encryption, backup and permanent mail archiving to ensure that your experience is the most reliable and secure possible.

By outsourcing your email service to a Hosted Exchange provider, businesses can focus on their own business objectives rather than worrying about their email systems. Datacentres that host the service are highly secure and protected to ensure that business data is safe. High end storage networks are in place to ensure that data is kept securely, with advanced firewalls and anti-spam filters giving additional security. Also most now meet strict data security standards such as ISO-27001 which is the tough to achieve and recognised standard for data security.

How reliable is Hosted Exchange?

Unlike Office 365, Hosted Exchange users do not have a limit on the amount of email recipients during the course of each 24 hours, known as the daily recipient rate limit.

Hosted Exchange users also experience local 24/7 telephone and email support from real people, unlike Office 365 which only offers help sheets and forums available on their website. If a problem occurs with Office 365, companies have to contact Microsoft directly to resolve the issue or pay for third-party support from another company, whereas Hosted Exchange customers put their trust in a reputable and experienced provider who deals with both the management and support of the service 24/7.

How costly is Hosted Exchange to deploy?

Rather than paying for an Office 365 package that includes applications you already have, businesses on Hosted Exchange only pay per mailbox, reducing operational and capital expenditure as a businesses pay for the individual mailboxes on a predictable monthly based subscription.

Because the data is stored at a secure datacentre, there is no need for the business to invest in the resources needed to manage their own Hosted Exchange server as all the resources are supplied for them.

Hosted Exchange can offer benefits over Office 365 in terms of support and cost as well as usability   while still offering the same amount of flexibility, mobility and reliability. Hosted Exchange allows users to synchronise calendar events, tasks and notes with one another in a complete collaboration suite that supports other Microsoft Products such as Lync and SharePoint. In addition, most hosting providers are able to provide greater flexibility in the use of and limits on features which are important to business, such as max email size or attachment limits, support of 3rd party software and the use of your chosen email spam firewalls. This is what makes is a better all-round solution for business users.

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2 thoughts on “Why businesses should choose Hosted Exchange over Office 365?”

  1. I think you may have got the facts wrong about Office 365 – there is no limit to the number of recipients during the course of 24 hours… Also, I would disagree with the fact ‘Hosted Exchange’ is more reliable and secure than Office 365. Microsoft’s Data Centres are probably going to be a little more secure and reliable than a small/mid-size provider.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Mark, O-365 has Daily Recipient Rate Limits as in the post shown here about the subject, its a high number but a limit non the less. With regard to reliability you don’t need to be Microsoft to provide a more reliable service, many Hosted Exchange providers actually exceed the historic service availability provided by O-365 although many reports suggest this is now around 99.94% which is better than it was. For example throughout the last 12 month our own service up-time was 100% on Exchange and many of our competitors achieved similar results. The Datacentre is now a global industry and many of these facilities are at least as secure as anything Microsoft have developed.

      The article isn’t saying O-365 is a bad product because it isn’t but its also not suitable for many businesses who need a little more flexibility in the way the service is delivered, and a lot more support than is on offer with 365, which is why Microsoft’s partner network plays an important role in their business.

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