Hosted Exchange vs Google For Work

Google has launched its Google For Work initiative with much ado and fanfare. The service brings together numerous cloud services under one umbrella – a Google login – and is essentially a competitor to the Microsoft office suites.

Yet there are plenty of reasons to consider alternatives, particularly Hosted Exchange.

What is Google For Work?

Google offered Google Apps for free for a long time, on a limited but adequate basis. It no longer offers free access, and has launched two products in its place: For Work, and Apps Unlimited.

Google For Work includes all of the basic Google services, including Gmail and Drive, plus discussion groups and YouTube. It doesn’t includes any advanced email services; for those, you’ll need to pay for Unlimited.

So what’s missing from the For Work edition? Full document search, believe it or not, is missing, as is auditing of documents in Drive. And emails are not retained forever either; there’s a 30GB limit, which is generous but not evergreen. Google Vault, its Glacier-like deep storage, is provided as a paid add-on.

Hosted Exchange: the Basics

Hosted Exchange is a product that lets businesses move their email services to the cloud. Rather than having an on-site server, the business places its data in our hands and pays us to manage the hardware. For most small businesses, this is a sensible approach, since it saves money, frees up time, cuts down on support, improves uptime and generally results in better compliance.

The key benefit here is the migration. Moving from local Exchange to hosted Exchange is a relatively simple process, with far fewer risks than a move from Microsoft to Google. If your business email is critical – surely everyone’s is – then we recommend sticking with the vendor you’re already using.

Exchange is also a mature and proven platform, while many of the services under Google For Work are fairly new. This matters in terms of downtime and availability, and it also means users are going to hit the ground running: nothing changes for them, except the server location.

Control of Your Email

There’s nothing more infuriating than downtime that you can’t fix, particularly during the working day when everyone needs their email. If you migrate to hosted Exchange, you’re putting your email in the hands of Cloud4 – a company you can speak to on the phone, or email for answers.

While Google’s support has improved, we’d argue that it cannot provide the responsiveness that a small hosted Exchange provider can provide. Likewise, we have control over your servers, and we can move quickly to find faults.

Find Out More About Hosted Exchange

Cloud email is a sensible and cost-effective solution for the vast majority of small and medium sized businesses. The solution you choose ultimately depends on the position you are in, the services you are already using, and the degree of reliance on email in your organisation. We know a Hosted Exchange has the features, reliability and performance to suit every growing business. If you’d like a demonstration, talk to us today.

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