How Hosted Desktop Fits With a BYOD Implementation

Business MobilityLike it or not, employees are moving towards mobile working at an alarming rate. The tidal wave is unstoppable, and mobile devices are often being used as primary devices rather than a convenient extra on the side. This fast-paced adoption is the driving force behind Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a trend that sees more employees using personal phones and tablets rather than ones that are supplied by their work.

Straight away, we can see how BYOD brings costs down. It eliminates the need for mobile device procurement or refresh cycles, and it lets the user be more productive using their preferred platform for work and play.

Moving to Virtual

cloud4-computers-hosted-desktopMobile devices work well for us because connection speeds are increasing. This is also driving innovation in two separate, but connected, industries: cloud and virtualisation. Cloud data storage is helping us to move away from fixed workstations, while virtual machines leverage the full capacity of available assets to give us more affordable IT solutions.

Mobile desktops are key to unlocking the power in mobile devices. They let users run applications on practically any modern mobile device that has a good quality internet connection. That means you can get work done no matter where you are in the world, even if you have a 3G or 4G connection to the internet.

But more importantly, all of the data your employee works with is held within the virtual machine. It’s not saved to the mobile device. Many businesses cite security as a major concern in BYOD, but using a mobile device is a great way to bypass many of the risks associated with mobile working. All normal applications work, so there’s no need to take data outside of the corporate network at all.

Additionally, with Cloud4, all hosted desktops are secured with two-factor authentication, and the images are stored in ISO-27001 compliant UK data centres. That means there are fewer compliance risks.

Economise Every Step of the Way

Small businesses have been quick to capitalise on the potential savings that virtualisation and BYOD (or even BYOX) can offer, but enterprises and large businesses are catching on fast. Over a large multi-site organisation, the potential savings in procurement and data centre capacity are enormous.

Hosted desktop also helps you cut waste. One desktop image follows each user on their desktop, laptop and tablet; there’s no need for duplication. The days of over-licensing, or hardware over-provisioning, are over.

Learn More

Cloud4 uses virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to power its virtual machines, using a RDP or Citrix framework. Your data never leaves the UK, and neither do your support calls. What’s more, we take backups, protect against spam and prevent viruses from infecting your machines.

If you’re interested in obtaining virtual desktops for low monthly subscription fee or just have a question please get in touch. Ask us how hosted desktop could fuel your move towards BYOD.

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