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Lync 2013Mobile connectivity, the ability to access information and collaborate instantly anywhere has always been highly sought by businesses and other organisations. For so long, email was one of the most effective and the most utilised method of communication in B2B, and in fact, it still is. Nevertheless, adoption of integrated collaborations tools such as Lync 2013 for instance is becoming high priority for those seeking  to improve the quality and efficiency of communication.

The quest for business mobility

Businesses and other organisations are naturally always looking for new and enhanced methods of internal and external communication to improve collaboration and increase productivity. Today with such an abundance of diverse communication solutions available from email, instant messaging and social media platforms or collaboration tools such as ASANA or SharePoint, there’s never been such a choice of tool to use before. One of the very best available is Lync by Microsoft and in the latest release, Lync 2013 is the best release ever.

What is Microsoft Lync 2013?

Hosted Lync 2013 replaces its predecessor 2010 as an integrated communications tool from Microsoft combining instant messaging, audio and video conferencing and even enterprise voice features into one easy to use interface. Using its enterprise voice features combined with a SIP platform, Lync can even replace your on-site PBX phone system allowing to make and receive all calls from the desktop on Lync.  Moreover, the audio and video conferencing allows to schedule and hold multi-party conferences from wherever you may be. It can be easily combined with other applications such as Hosted Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013 to deliver a complete collaboration suite for teams to support all communication and collaboration needs with own team, clients and partners.  In a nutshell, Lync 2013 has a number of new innovative features over its predecessor Lync 2010 that makes it easier to use and helps you get more done, faster where ever you are!

Lync’s 2013 key features

Below are some of the key features of Lync developed for businesses or organisations to increase the efficiency and quality of communication, some of these are highlighted below:

  • High quality video conferencing

Lync 2013 offers 1080p HD resolution video conferencing so that users can benefit from high quality videos and clear transmission. As it keeps up to date with the latest codecs, Lync 2013 is compatible with diverse platforms and handhelds providing elasticity in terms of video quality.

  • Lync 2013 on Mobile Apps

Lync 2013 has supports a full range of mobile aps so that whether your team is using Windows phones, iOS or Android, Lync can be used to keep you connected. More recently, Microsoft has launched some useful enhancements for Windows phone users, one of which allows viewing PowerPoint presentations during a Lync meeting with your team for instance.

  • Access Lync 2013 via Web app

For users on the move without access to their chosen device with a Lync client installed, you can still access and the features and benefits of your Lync account by logging onto the web app from any internet ready device.

  • Still on Skype?

Although it is not generally a business solution, many organisations still use Skype to communicate with colleagues and partners; especially if they happen to be located on the other side of the world. As Skype is also a Microsoft owned product, Lync 2013 now federates seamlessly to Skype giving you access to your Skype contacts from Lync.

In a chaotic world with an almost overwhelming number of different collaboration solutions, it is not easy to choose the most suitable collaboration and communication solution that meets your demands. With Lync 2013, however,  Microsoft have thought of just about everything and wrapped it up into a neat application with everything in a single window, available for a low monthly cost per user.

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