Microsoft Price Increase Deferred until January 2013

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Microsoft Defers Planned Price Increase

Following the feedback that Microsoft has received from the service provider and reseller community including Cloud4. Microsoft last night decided to defer the price increase planned for 1st July 2012 “for the SPLA program only” until January 2013.

Great news for UK Hosting Providers!

The news which broke late last night has been welcomed by hosted service providers who feared that the upcoming 33.4% rise in license costs would not only slow down growth, but discourage some businesses from moving to hosted services at all.

Mike Tunstall, Sales Director at Cloud4 Computers said, “It’s great news that we can go back to our clients, resellers and businesses looking at joining us, and tell them we’re not going to be increasing prices until next year at least. We’re one of the most competitive Hosted Exchange and Hosted Desktop Providers in the UK, and our clients have always valued consistent pricing, which thankfully we’ve had in the UK until recent months. Hopefully we’ll see that continue now as stability promotes confidence!”

UK Hosting in good shape!

The announcment is good news for Cloud4 and the whole UK hosting industry, which was bracing itself a rush of orders in the run up to the July deadline, then potentially a steep drop off in orders afterwards, until UK businesses gained the confidence once again that pricing stability for hosted services could be relied upon.

So it’s businesss as usual for 2012, companies looking at hosted services can buy with confidence, while knowing that in 2013 prices will equalise with Europe, but at least it can be planned for well in advance!

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