Why Online Backup for Business?

Online Data Backup
Why Online Backup?

Getting your business data backup process right has always been important! Never more so than in these days where your mission critical data is the single most valuable asset that your business has. For more and more businesses, online data backup has become the way forward! Continue reading Why Online Backup for Business?

Why Small Business is moving to the Cloud

The Cloud for Small Business
Small Business is Going Hosted

Technology wise, the playing field is becoming ever more even for small businesses (SME’s) Vs their corporate counterparts! That’s down to the cost effective availability of high end technology, that SME’s can access through cloud computing. From advanced email telephony and backup services, to vast server processing power, it’s all in the cloud for small business! Continue reading Why Small Business is moving to the Cloud

Hosted Exchange Vs In-House Exchange!

Hosted Exchange 2010

You can’t get away from cloud computing in 2012! There is no doubt that the emergence of “the cloud” though not a new concept has expanded the range, and flexibility of services IT departments have access to for their businesses. One of the clear winners in the popularity stakes looking at the dramatic rise in adoption is Hosted Exchange email. Previously, businesses limited choices which were either to stick with a limited POP3 service, or to purchase and host their own Exchange environment.

Now with Hosted Exchange, organisations can have all the flexibility and benefits of an in-house Exchange without the capital expense and maintenance headaches associated with managing it. So, should your business go Hosted Exchange or should you manage your own Exchange environment internally? Let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons!

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Microsoft Price Increases 2012 – Software Licensing

After the much talked about announcement from Microsoft in February about its plans to bring the UK pricing for it’s volume licensing programs into line with the Euro. The actual percentage increases for each of the volume licensing groups was published this week, with hosting providers being hit the worst with a huge 33.4% increase (as shown in the table below).

Volume and Hosted Services prices Continue reading Microsoft Price Increases 2012 – Software Licensing

3 Years of Cloud4 Computing!

Welcome to the Cloud4 Computers blog. 3 years in the making but in our defence we have been very busy with development of our hosted services and looking after our clients incredibly well.

Let me start by saying it’s been an exciting and interesting journey through the last 3 years, in which we’ve seen “Cloud Computing” become an industry with so much potential for changing the way businesses view and use IT. Of course, providing IT services through hosting is not in any way a new concept, people have been using hosted email services for over 20 years, and let’s face it who actually hosts their own website?

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