Why Your Business Will Benefit From Sharepoint 2013?

SharePoint is an intranet collaboration tool, developed by Microsoft, which can greatly increase business efficiency and productivity. For a web-only application, there are an unprecedented amount of features which can be added to your business SharePoint site to help you with your busy business day.

SharePoint is used by many large corporations such as Chrysler group and Pringles as a management solution to share data with workers across a range of platforms. It’s highly flexible, scalable and affordable for a whole range of business models. There is no need to invest in new resources to manage SharePoint although some businesses may benefit greater from a hybrid or in-house SharePoint solution to provide further data sets to ensure a greater deal of version control.

SharePoint can be customized to greatly. You can easily change the look and feel of the site layout with the ability to change the text, images, layout and applets easily. There is also the option to edit the source-code to the site easily with a built in source-code editor to add that extra touch to your business intranet.

You can add small applications called “Applets” which can be added from the app centre (shown above). There are tonnes of applets which can help boost your businesses time management, to-do lists, calendars, links and discussion board.

From within the site, you can easily create and share documents over the intranet and the internet by using the integrated Office Web App tools which incorporate internet based apps of the Microsoft Office Suite programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can even drag and drop documents from your own local hard drive storage such as “My Documents” to the browser window, making it easier to upload data to the cloud.


SharePoint can also act as a cloud storage solution by providing cloud storage through OneDrive (Formally SkyDrive) to keep all your business data in one place so that it can be easily accessed from a range of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops which can greatly improve the mobility and flexibility of your workforce.

The calendar application in SharePoint integrates with your business Outlook to ensure that you are kept up to date with important events and happenings with your company. It’s easy to add new entries and manage from within the web application and can be synchronised with the click of a button.


Members can engage with discussions through a newsfeed to make collaboration easier between team members. Email notifications let you know when a new comment has been added and multiple forums and threads can be started from within the web app to keep focus on specific tasks to improve the efficiency of workers.

If you want to provide access to external users, SharePoint allows you to do so with the in-built sharing feature. This allows you to share your internal intranet connection with external peers so that they too can collaborate with your team and keep up to date with the changes in data and the general happenings in your company.


There are tonnes of other great features that can benefit your business and improve the management of your workload.

 Hosted SharePoint provides an exceptional degree of security over most in-house solutions for your business data. Hosted and managed in ISO-27001 certified datacentres, Hosted SharePoint keeps your data safe behind highly sophisticated firewalls and virus protection protocols to ensure that the data you store in the cloud stays in the cloud, without your businesses needing to invest in a platform to host it and a team to support it. With 24/7 support from a local team, you can continue to focus on more important mission critical tasks instead of worrying about your IT systems as everything is managed for you in a secure environment.

SharePoint is a fantastic tool which can greatly improve both the management and performance of your business, and with a high amount of customisation it’s a no-brainer why many businesses are moving to SharePoint. Why not join them and improve the efficiency of your team?

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