Why Your Small Business Needs a Hosted Desktop

IT equipment is one of the biggest capital expenditures that many small businesses make. In the early months of a new venture, you could spend several thousand pounds kitting out your office, and you’ll only need to buy more as the months go on. When cash flow is so critical, it’s sensible to only buy what you really need.

Next time there’s a need for a brand new computer, consider the cheaper option: a virtual desktop, or hosted desktop. Hosted desktops aren’t just a replacement for a physical machine; they solve a host of other problems, too.

Use Cases

A hosted desktop can help you to expand your infrastructure when you need a new machine for a specific task. For an affordable monthly fee, you can deploy virtual instances of your chosen operating system (such as Windows 8), and these can be accessed from anywhere. So if you need a test machine, you can potentially roll out several and log on to them all from one physical machine.

Virtual desktops are also handy because of their portability. Not only can they be accessed over practically any internet connection, you can use practically any modern device without compromising data security. So your test machine can be deployed as a fully functional machine with remote access – no more lugging around two laptops, or dual booting one machine.

You may also feel that you’ve reached capacity in terms of support and physical infrastructure. This is particularly true of small businesses that grow rapidly; they face the point where they have to hire support teams. Outsourcing personnel is one option, but the best way to go is a hosted desktop, so that all of the maintenance is passed over to the provider – not your team.

Leaps and Bounds

Since the early days of Citrix remote desktops, hosted desktops have come a long way. If you’ve been faced with a clunky, slow and unstable remote desktop in the past, rest assured: our service is different.

You can access all of the applications you need, and your administrator can also deploy applications quickly. Desktops are served from high speed data centres rather than your own internal network, relieving pressure and resulting in fewer bottlenecks. You can also access hosted desktop machines within a web browser window; there’s no need to give over your entire machine to the system, so you can work on two things at once.

Go Hosted

Cloud4 specialise in hosted services that free up your time for business. We can offer hosted email, hosted computers, hosted backups and hosted file sync services, all with the best security on the market today. Whether you need 10 machines or 1,000, we can provide reliable, functional virtual infrastructure that takes the strain off your small business right away.


For more information about affordable subscription options, give us a call today. Hosted desktops are useful in practically every business, and we can help you realise their potential and deploy them in a managed way.

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