Is It Time Your Charity Embraced the Cloud?

ChaJPEG image-568A4BE6643C-1rities and small non-profits run to ridiculously tight budgets, and a climate of cuts has only served to make their work more challenging. In an ever more competitive market, charities need to spend money on marketing in order to reach their potential donators, and they need to run at optimum efficiency so that none of those donations are wasted.

Adopting new technology can seem like an extravagance, but there are lots of examples of cloud computing actually reducing business spend. There’s no reason why your charity can’t benefit from the same efficiency.

Making the most of your volunteers’ time

Cloud computing helps you to do more work quicker, and it lets you work at more convenient times. For example, if you give your volunteers a hosted desktop, they can log on from home to contribute their time. This can help you increase their contribution, without necessarily asking them to do more hours.

We also offer hosted Lync, a communications platform for teams. If you all work different hours, and you find it difficult to work efficiently, Lync gives you the power of instant messaging, video and audio chat so you can hold meetings literally anywhere.

Keep data secure

Charities that work with vulnerable people have a responsibility to care for their data. Cloud technology lets you store your data in our secure data centre, so you don’t need to store anything locally on your office or home PC. You can use MyOwnCloud to share it with the people who need to see it, and nobody else. The convenience of MyOwnCloud helps to prevent the non-compliant use of data, such as spreadsheets being shared on memory sticks, sent via email, or shared using public cloud services that you don’t control internally.

Cloud4 offers many charities entire hosted servers, which are ideal for managing cost while also reducing the amount of space they need for their IT. We can provide Windows or Linux hardware, with or without virtualisation, and you can access the very best specifications – exactly as you would in the business world.

Making the most of your budget

Cloud4 can offer significant discounts on software, with savings of up to 33% on the cloud services you decide to use. These discounts come from top brands like Microsoft, and they let you access business grade cloud technology at an appropriate price for your organisation.

We can also give you a Hosted Exchange email system, so that your email is held on our secure servers. That gives you all the functionality of business email – including tasks, contacts and calendars – but you only pay per mailbox, and you’re never over-committed.

Friendly, impartial advice

Don’t let this year be the year your charity goes under. By improving efficiency and performance, you can make the most of the time and resources you have. Speak to Cloud4’s friendly sales advisors, and describe your IT pain points. We’ll come up with a customisable and affordable solution that helps you to decrease your operating overheads.

Cloud4 Announces NSPCC as preferred Charity for 2013

Cloud 4 Computers to partner with the NSPCC as preferred Charity!

NSPCC Letter From Santa
NSPCC Letter From Santa

With the continuing success of Cloud4 Computers comes a desire to share it with others. As part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Phil Donoghue and the whole team are extremely happy to announce the NSPCC as our preferred charity for 2013.

Noting the outstanding work being done through both the NSPCC and Childline brands in the North West, Phil is keen to explain,

“We have been developing a new division within the business, focused on providing the best Hosted IT Services to charities across the UK, at market leading prices by passing on discounts available from Microsoft. To have the NSPCC as our preferred charity is an honour and we are very proud to be associated with this incredible charity, and we are looking forward working closely with them to help improve awareness of the charity and to support them financially too”.

Cloud4 will be supporting this years NSPCC run ‘Letter from Santa’ campaign to our database of over a quarter of a million businesses and ask that all of our clients, reseller partners and the people of Leigh and the North West look online HERE  to see how they can also help support the campaign in the run up to Christmas. If you have children, get them a letter form Santa today!

Cloud4 in BUPA Great Manchester Run 2012

Cloud4 team Running for CAFT
Cloud4 Team Running for CAFT

Supporting CAFT in Gt Manchester Run 2012

As part of our commitment to working in the community, each year Cloud4 selects a Charity we believe in, to support with fundraising and expertise as required. Our charity for 2012 is the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust in Cheshire. Continue reading Cloud4 in BUPA Great Manchester Run 2012