Is Windows 10 Testing Your Patience Yet?

Microsoft doesn’t have a great record when it comes to operating systems. Windows Vista was widely considered to be a slow, lumbering beast of an operating system – a completely worthless upgrade to its predecessor, XP. Recently, Windows has got a lot better, but there are still problems cropping up, here and there.

Now, Windows 10 is here, and hopes were high. Microsoft finally did away with Internet Explorer, and we’d hope they had learned from their past mistakes. For many Windows 10 users, the testing times started from the very first day of installation. Cryptic error messages have caused many clumps of hair to be torn out, while using browsers and email has been fraught with problems.

How much time have you wasted on Windows 10?

Tricky Beginnings

The majority of Windows 10 problems have stemmed from the installation process. All of the web, people complained of problems, giving Windows 10 something of a muted reception.

The most maligned error message was a rather mysterious ‘Something happened’. Underneath, the explainer text said exactly the same thing. In the history of useless error codes, this has to rank as the least helpful. It wasn’t even possible to Google for an error reference; there wasn’t one.

The error message was so ridiculous, some people on social media thought it was a hoax. But no: this was real.

Lessons Learned

If you’re still struggling with the ‘Something happened’ error, try changing your language to United States English. It’s apparently caused by an invalid combination of language and region in Windows 10. And it’s a shame, since the operating system had such a promising reception, and it seemed to solve many things we didn’t like about the previous version.

The lesson here is that your computer is very vulnerable, and a big provider like Microsoft still sometimes gets things wrong. If you forget to back up before installing a new operating system, the consequences could be dire for your data.

At Cloud4, we are still running Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktop builds for out hosted desktop customers. When the time comes to roll out Windows 10, we will make sure that it has been rigorously tested so that users don’t experience these kinds of heart-stopping errors. We’re also here to support you from day one; not only will we help you to choose the right desktop OS, we’ll also ensure it’s available to you 24/7.

Take to the Cloud

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Wasting time on a new operating system is no fun at all, and in business, unwelcome errors can kill productivity. If you’ve wasted time on Windows 10 this week, consider switching to a hosted solution for stress-free computing.