Why Online Backup for Business?

Online Data Backup
Why Online Backup?

Getting your business data backup process right has always been important! Never more so than in these days where your mission critical data is the single most valuable asset that your business has. For more and more businesses, online data backup has become the way forward!

The Importance of Data Backup!

In years gone by everybody had a hard time with data backup, from cumbersome tape drives and poor backup software that managed the backup. Improved somewhat by the advent of the disc library, NAS device and SAN. Unfortunately for most, many of these solutions are so expensive they are out of the reach of many smaller businesses. In addition, many of the cheaper solutions are manual processes and rely on a human to remember to do a backup. So often businesses look back after a data disaster and say, why didn’t we have an up to date backup and realise, we forgot to do it.

Along came Cloud Backup!

So then came cloud backup, or online backup to dispense with the jargon. made possible due to the great advances in broadband speeds and backup software.  Here we have what years ago was a utopia for data backup.

The best backup is one that works automatically according to a schedule that works around your business.  One that backs up not just at file level but one that has all the relevant agents built in to give you a full backup for important applications such as SQL or Microsoft Exchange, guaranteeing the ability to fully recover in the event of a data disaster.

In addition you want an online backup solution that charges you only for the volume you are storing after it has been compressed not before, which further reduces your backup costs.

Pick your Online Backup Provider!

Make sure when choosing a provider that the solution provides all the features above in the first instance. Ask about how the store your data? What replication do they provide across how many datacentres? How quickly could you access all of your data in an emergency, a good provider should provide the option of a data delivery service in emergencies which can be faster than recovering tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data than across even a fast internet connection. Also check where their datacentres and support teams are based, is it in the UK or somewhere in a another time zone?

Most importantly, look at the providers reviews from other clients or even speak to a few so you can understand how they benefit and if they feel they get the piece of mind and value for money they need.

Don’t do Nothing!

Most importantly, don’t do nothing! Put a secure and reliable online data backup service into place for your business today. Cloud4 can help you with this and you get your first month FREE!


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