Why Small Business is moving to the Cloud

The Cloud for Small Business
Small Business is Going Hosted

Technology wise, the playing field is becoming ever more even for small businesses (SME’s) Vs their corporate counterparts! That’s down to the cost effective availability of high end technology, that SME’s can access through cloud computing. From advanced email telephony and backup services, to vast server processing power, it’s all in the cloud for small business!

So why is the Cloud giving a huge leg-up to Small Business?

Its always been the same with technology, until now! It starts as an ideal, the need to resolve an issue, It’s developed and is launched. In the early days it’s only available to the elite, the corporate entities who can afford it for the advantages and long term return on investment it brings. As the technology develops through more use, it becomes more affordable and therefore available to businesses lower down the perceived food chain. Then something interesting happens, it becomes affordable to the small business, the SME; at that point it goes mainstream!

What has started to change in the last lets say 3-4 years, is the internet is getting faster and that presents opportunities developers have never had before. Because of the improvements in 3 areas, internet speed, the advances in virtualisation technology and the in datacentre infrastructure. Developers can now leverage this to turn the history of technology on its head and develop applications that give the masses (or SME) the latest technology being developed, cost effectively and NOW!

So the “Cloud” to use the euphemism, has finally enabled small business, to compete equally in terms of technology with bigger business! This means SME’s can compete on more equal terms in many cases as their corporate competitors, and often win due to the more flexible nature of a smaller business. Services such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted Desktops, Hosted VoIP and Hosted Servers are among the fastest growing solutions giving a positive advantage to small business!

Experts have suggested that as many as 30% of SME’s in the UK will adopt some kind of hosted IT service in 2012. If this does happen then should we consider that the Cloud has now come of age and is helping to shape the future of how business will access IT in the future?

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  1. say I currently have a Dedicated Server that hosts small soical networks and other database-driven websites. What is a price comparison that I can get and/or are there any benefits for a small fish like me? Is private cloud hosting for someone like me or for a larger customer that runs very large websites? I will appreciate a response.

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