Why you should attend Leigh Business Expo 2014?

BusinessOn Friday the 11th of July, the first dedicated Leigh Business Expo 2014 is going underway at the Leigh Sports Village in Leigh sports stadium between 8:30am and 3:00pm. Cloud4 is going to be there, but why should you?

As stated, this is the first dedicated Leigh Business Expo – there hasn’t been another business expo dedicated for the Leigh area until now, which is why it’s an event not to miss. We believe that it will be a boon for many small local businesses and will generate more commerce between businesses.

Making connections and networking
The expo will be a fantastic chance to meet new faces and build connections both personally and professionally. With more than 50 businesses also attending, you’ll be sure to meet a few new faces and build your professional network. Whether you’re a business representative or an individual, you will be able to attend and talk to businesses from your local area. You may even find someone who might be able to help you with a problem you have with your business from a like-minded person. It can also be a good opportunity to see new developments from businesses you follow and keep up with contacts, or to monitor rival competitors.

Learning and exploring new trends
Many visitors attend expos for talks and to see new products and services from various vendors – you can be sure to find them here too. There will be business personnel discussing how to improve various types of business – these kind of talks gain a lot of traction and are worth visiting, though we would advise you to maybe take a pen and paper (or a portable device capable of taking notes such as a laptop, netbook or tablet) so that you don’t forget key themes, comments and ideas that the talks address. It’s a good idea to be prepared for a business expo as they can be quite chaotic – even if there are only a small amount of attendees.

Improving your vision and your business
In terms of seeing new products, some vendors may have demos of various products and services. You may thing this happens more in big events such as E3 or the World Cloud Expo but this also happens at smaller expos too at about the same ratio. You often get quite a few businesses showing people what they do, how things work or simply some of the concepts they have for their business that they are planning on implementing. We’ll be demonstrating some of our products such as Hosted Desktops to anyone who wishes to see what they are really like.

We expect plenty of branded freebies, prize draws and “give-aways” at the expo to keep you interested. You might leave with a free pen as an alternative to a business card, or even a bottle of champagne if you’re lucky in a prize draw.

Overall, you’ll get a fair lot out of the Leigh Business Expo if you attend. You could grow your professional contacts, monitor rival competitors in your field, try out new products and services to see if it’s right for you, learn some tips on improving your business from professionals, and get a handful of freebies and goodies for you to take away. We would highly recommend that you turn up to the event, even if you can only make it for an hour, to see what your local businesses can do for you.

Are you going to go Leigh Business Expo 2014? If so, make sure you come and see us.

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