Wigan Business Expo 2012 – Diary

A Day at the Wigan Business EXPO 2012 with Cloud4

Special offers for EXPO visiters
Great Interest in our Offers

So it’s already been 10 days since this years Wigan Business EXPO and it’s been a busy time here at Cloud4. Our first EXPO was a great success and we were genuinely surprised at the number of people wanting to find out more about Hosted IT Services in the local area.

The day itself was really busy from start to finish and generated lots of new opportunities we’re starting to realise, making it not only a great day, but a valuable one.

So how did the day go, and whats happened since?

Busy since the day of the EXPO

Since the EXPO our team have been busy meeting both potential new clients, and even several new reseller partners who will be providing our white label services to their clients under their own branding.

We understand from the council that almost 1000 people attended on the day, making it the biggest EXPO to date, and one of the largest business events of 2012 in the North West. As for Cloud4, we’ll certainly be attending Wigan EXPO 2013 and would like to the organisers for a very well publicised event, and a great day. We’d also like to thank Paul at Yodel Creative Ltd for all the work he did designing the stand! Check out our day in pictures below.

Wigan Business EXPO 2013 – Looking forwards.

After such a great day and all the opportunities it brought, Cloud4 Computers will certainly be attending next years event. However you don’t have to wait that long to access some of the UK’s best hosted services for your business. Just give us a call today on 0845 862 0263 and book a free cloud business review to help you understand where the cloud can really help YOUR business.

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