You think your business doesn’t need the cloud? Think again!

cloud thoughts Back in 2012 Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc., explained why the cloud sucks. But we disagree, why? Because whether we want to or not, we all use cloud on a daily basis. If you are not sure how big impact the cloud has, try to function for a few days without using a single cloud service. You’re probably sat there thinking “Pfft, easy!” but you couldn’t be more naïve.

Let’s start off your day, shall we? You get up, go to work, boot up your PC and open your work emails. Guess what? They’re hosted on a cloud platform – often or not Hosted Exchange is used in businesses for email due to the security and flexibility it attains. It’s not only your work email either. Do you have a Gmail account? Yahoo email? Microsoft Live? You can bet your bottom pound that they’re all connected to the cloud. All your email is stored in the cloud so that you can access it on different devices. If it didn’t use the cloud, you would have to carry a hard-drive containing all the email you would need.

Assuming that you now can’t communicate via email, you’re probably checking your Outlook/Google/iCloud Calendar to see what else you have planned for today. Your dates are stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed on different devices and systems, while push notifications deliver important dates and events to your phone directly so that you never miss an important. It looks like you’re going to miss that 2:00pm appointment.

With the rise of Bring your own cloud (BYOC), employees are beginning to use their own cloud services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive solutions at work. Though some businesses fear the security implications of employees using their own cloud services in the work environment, it is still gaining ground. Without these your business life would become the living definition of “Mass storage hell” While your co-workers have all their data in the cloud, you’ll be sticking USB drives into every one of your computers’ orifices just to get that one file. Half of the drives will probably be corrupt or you simply can’t find that one file you need. In the process, you could be infecting your work computer with a whole haul of viruses which could cause further corruption or property damage.

Even some of the more specific tasks you do on a daily basis run in the cloud. MailChimp, Quickbooks, Zoho, Go-To-Meeting, Asana, Planning software, Project Management Software as well as many others all use the cloud in some form. You probably didn’t even notice that your job depends on it so much. Although the cloud isn’t industry specific, some businesses benefit from particular cloud services better than others. Some businesses use Software hosted in the cloud (SaaS) while other businesses might adopt a Desktop PC in the cloud (DaaS).

Now that you can’t perform your regular duties, you’ll probably decide to work from home. However, you cannot access your desktop computer via RDP, nor can you access a hosted desktop to do your work because that too would include the use of a cloud solution. You might not even be able to use your desk phone either because that too is likely to be a VoIP solution, which many business use to cut the cost of their phone bills. You’ll still be able to use the applications installed on the device you are using but you would not be able to store them on a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. The cloud, however, goes beyond such practical uses as file storage and remote working.

As you sit at home, you decide to log onto Facebook or Twitter to calm your nerves by looking at pictures of cats. I’m sorry but, technically speaking, both Twitter and Facebook are cloud services that allow users to share images and videos with friends. Although they may not be directly classed as cloud computing, they do use cloud services within them and sync them to your devices so that you have your pictures and videos with you in a single folder on your phone or tablet.

Did you really think you can live without the cloud? To most, it’s thought as an easy thing to do but it’s far from it. The cloud has become such a big part of our lives that is becoming increasingly more difficult to live without it. It’s safe to say that the cloud is very important both in the business world and even in our personal lives. Even if you think you are far off the cloud, you are actually using it without noticing on a daily, or possibly hourly basis.

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