MyOwnCloud Frequently Asked Questions

MyOwnCloud brings you enterprise level online file sharing to your business or charity. It allows you to not only keep all your important files in one place, but to sync them across lots of different devices from your PC and laptop, to you mobile or tablet device on a range of platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. This allows you to access everything you need quickly and easily from any location, and when you make a change on any device, it automatically sync’s the changes to the other devices you use, avoiding any confusion over file versions.

It gets better, you can also share any of your files and content with colleagues, clients or partner quickly and even set time based access so their access elapses when you say.
MyOwnCloud works by providing you a single place to store your documents in our secure UK only datacentres, so your data always remains right here in the UK instead of in the US as with many providers, which is important for compliance for many businesses.

All you need to do to start using MyOwnCloud is place your order, and download the desktop client for your chosen device, and mobile app for any mobile devices you wish to sync and access your files from. Then it’s as simple as dragging any files and content you want into the OwnCloud folder on your desktop or laptop and it’s all done!
We take great care to protect your files, our web access is secured with 2048bit SSL encryption and your data is stored in our ISO-27001 certified datacentres here in the UK. It is also then backed up for additional resilience and security.

The MyOwnCloud mobile apps are also highly secure requiring not only user ID credentials but they have PIN access control overlaid to avoid any unauthorised access to your files even when you are logged in.
That’s no problem, it’s a good idea to take a look at the volume of data you will need per user before you buy, but when you reach your data thresholds you can simply upgrade to the next data plan and continue to share.

For high volume data users it’s a good idea to speak to our helpful team before you buy as we can look at putting a custom plan together that meets your needs.
It’s really simple, all you need to do to setup and start using MyOwnCloud is place your order, and our team will provision your users quickly and send you a link so you can download the relevant desktop client for your windows PC, MAC or Linux device. Mobile apps for iOS and Android can be downloaded from the App store!

All you need to do then is enter the server details we provide you and start placing files into your “OwnCloud” folder and that’s it, you can share away.
Yes generally, if you’re out of the office and on the move, you can access and work on your files even if you have no internet connection and when you reconnect any changes you make will automatically be synced across your other devices.
One of the key benefits of MyOwnCloud is that it supports offline working so you can make any changes you need to your files while offline and they will automatically sync across your other devices when you reconnect. So it’s perfect for when you’re working on trains, planes of in areas without connectivity.
Of course, if you’re collaborating with your clients, partners of colleagues on a project, you can create a new project folder and share it easily so all the stakeholders can access and edit the information online. You can even set time based password expiry so access is automatically removed after a completion date for example. Of it you were giving a free trial of access to content for a specified period of time, you can just select the expiry date for access.
Again MyOwnCLoud has got you covered. If you accidently delete any files or folders, they will remain in the deleted files area for 60 days, simply click into this area, select the files you want to recover and press the Undelete button!

Why Choose Cloud4?

  • UK Hosted in ISO-27001 Datacentres
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Exceptional UK customer tech support
  • Great Value Vs our competitors

What Our Clients Say ?

“Luckily I found Cloud 4 who made the changeover, phone setup etc problem free. First class customer service, always a human being to talk to, lots of space and excellent spam filter”

Melanie Pursglove

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