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Citrix Hosted Desktop

How to access a Citrix Hosted Desktop using Windows

Step 1

Simply open a browser and go to

You should see the below screen, you will just need to enter your login credentials and click 'Log On’. If you can't remember your username or password, simply log a ticket ( and our team will be able to reset it for you.

Citrix Hosted Desktop Login Screen


Step 2

If this is the first time you have logged in you will be prompted to install Citrix Receiver, the below installation screen will appear. To install, make sure the “I agree with the Citrix License Agreement” box is checked (circled below) and click the ‘Install’ button.

Please note, you will only need to install the Citrix Receiver once per machine on your first login.

Citrix Receiver Install Screen


Step 3

Next a pop-up window will appear (as below). Select 'Save File'.

Citrix Receiver Install - Save File


Step 4

Once you have downloaded the file, navigate to your downloads folder in Windows and double click the Citrix Receiver .exe file (circled), this will then open up the installer. Depending on the security permissions on your machine, you may be asked about making changes to your computer. Click ‘yes’ to continue the installation if you are prompted. 

Citrix Receiver Install - .exe File


Step 5

Once you have done this the Installation will automatically start. Once this has completed you will just need to click ‘OK’ on the dialogue box below to finalise the installation.

Citrix Receiver Install - Installation Complete


Step 6

Navigate back to your browser and the below screen will appear. Simply click the play icon to load up the Hosted Desktop.

Citrix Hosted Desktop Play Icon


Step 7

You should now be logged into the Citrix Hosted Desktop. You may be asked about permission for the Citrix Receiver to use devices on your machine, permitting this allows removable storage to be used with the Citrix Hosted Desktop.

Citrix Hosted Desktop Logged In


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