Why choose a Hosted Desktop?

Our secure Hosted Desktop allows you to access all your business apps, files and documents as you do on your current server or workgroup, where ever you are, on almost any device with an internet connection. Powered by industry leading Citrix technology, and hosted in the UK across multiple ISO27001 certified datacentres. Our solutions are designed to make your business more productive, mobile and flexible while getting best value from your IT spend. Best of all is according to our customer's and reviews our quality support is simply the best.

Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

  • Your Office – Everywhere
    Work almost anywhere at any time with instant access to all of your resources as if you were at your desk!
  • Reduce Your IT Costs
    Make significant savings over purchase and maintenance of a more traditional IT infrastructure.

  • Get more done, make more profit!
    By giving your team everything they need to do business on the move, freeing up your IT staff to work on strategy, you can get more done faster and concentrate on what matters.
  • Security and continuity
    All your data and applications are hosted in our secure UK datacentres, with levels of backup, failover and security that very few businesses invest in for on-premise IT networks.

  • Further information
    The move towards hosted desktops, of which Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a subset has been increasing rapidly with businesses and other organistions for over 5 years. Imagine the business flexibility you gain with a Virtual Desktop using either Citrix or RDP access technology! Work anywhere, anytime with instant access to all your business data, applications and documents at home, on the train or at that important client meeting. If you’re looking for a fast, scalable, reliable and cost effective Hosted Desktop as a Service; That’s where Cloud4 Hosted Virtual Desktops come in!

    Our all-inclusive Citrix Desktop as a Service is based on the Windows 7 or 8 operating system and provides your users with everything you need as if in the office, wherever you happen to be working. Features include a choice of Microsoft Office 2013 Standard or Professional+, a Hosted Exchange 2013 mailbox, generous storage volumes and 24/7 UK based support. Your business gains flexibility and mobility while knowing your entire network is safe and backed up from your Virtual Desktops automatically and free, in our secure ISO-27001 certified UK datacentres.

    To find out if Hosted Desktop is right for your business, why not enquire today?

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Hosted Desktop Pricing and Features.

A Hosted Desktop is a cloud computing service which gives your users access to all of your company network resources, data and applications from a centralised datacentre, wherever and whenever they need to work. With Hosted Desktop Pricing from just £25.00 we deliver one of the most feature rich solutions available. All hosted and supported in the UK by our expert team!





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Hosted Desktop Pricing

Access Technology Choices   Citrix/RDP Citrix/RDP Citrix/RDP
Two-Factor Security
    Blue tick Blue tick
Choice of OS styles   W7 / W8 / W10 W7 / W8 / W10 W7 / W8 / W10
Exchange 2016 50GB Mailbox     Blue tick Blue tick
Microsoft Office 2016     Office
Professional Plus
FREE Application server
(3+ users)
    Blue tick Blue tick
24/7 UK Based Support   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick




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Storage and Access
Personal Storage included   5GB 10GB 10GB
Network Storage included
(per user)
  10GB 20GB 20GB
Mobile Access with Print
  Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Security and Usability
Application Hosting
(any windows compatible App)
  Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Spam and Virus Firewall
  Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Anti-Virus and Malware
Protection for Hosted Desktop
  Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Multi-site Backup Included*   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Email Archiving Period   2YRS 5YRS Unlimited
UK based ISO-27001 Certified
Data Centre's
  Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Desktop Service Setup
Costs (per user)
  £25.00 £20.00 £20.00
Support and Migration
24/7 UK Based Email
  Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
24/7 UK Based Telephone
    Blue tick Blue tick
Managed Migration Service
Available (please ask for a quote)
    Blue tick Blue tick
Contract Terms
Minimum 12 month contract   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick

*Covered free to the combined company personal and network storage allowance.





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Microsoft Office 2016
  £12.99 FREE  
Microsoft Office 2016
(Professional Plus)
  £17.99 £5.99 FREE
Hosted Exchange 2016
Professional Mailbox
  £5.29 FREE FREE
Hosted SharePoint 2016
- per user
  £2.99 £2.49 £2.25
Application Server
(per company)
  £49.99 FREE FREE
Terminal Server (RDP)
based option available on request
    Blue tick Blue tick

Once your order is placed our UK based team will agree a setup and migration plan with you which suits your individual circumstances. If you simply need us to provide you with your chosen Hosted Virtual Desktop package we can usually deliver your new Desktop access within 24-48 hours and you’re good to go. If your requirements are a little more detailed our support team will agree the final configuration and deployment schedule with you.
Setup and migration are treated as and charged as separate elements; Setup costs include configuration and delivery of the Hosted Virtual Desktop plan you have chosen, and providing you with your access information e.g. username and passwords for your users to login into their Desktops. At this point you will be charged for any setup and desktop license costs.

Migration is a separate function and can involve the migration of both Data and Applications from your legacy network, or other hosting providers. Your may prefer to perform these migrations, however where migration support is required, Clouds’ expert team can work with you to migrate everything you need to and we’ll agree a cost for this with you as an on-going project. Please note, desktop license and setup costs are payable during any migration process as depending on the applications being migrated and the support required from the vendor, it can take some time to complete migration of some applications.
Typically any application that runs in Windows can be hosted in your Virtual Desktop environment just fine. In 4 years of delivering these services, we have encountered few applications we have not been able to host for clients. Our team are happy to discuss this with you before you place your order and agree the right type of desktop for your applications ahead of time.

For example, if you have graphically intense applications such as CAD or other design based software, or if you have a requirement to stream HD video regularly, you will need a Windows 8 desktop. Clients without these needs will be fine with the more familiar Window 7 desktop, or even a terminal server based desktop? Whatever you’re needs though we’ll be able to agree a solution for you.
It really depends on what you need for your business and what your budgets are, we can provide a 10% discount on our Professional and Enterprise plans for the RDP accessed desktop because we don’t have to pay for Citrix licensing. RDP has and continues to be used perfectly well for many businesses but Citrix has some distinct advantages including:
  • It only requires approximately a quarter of the bandwidth RDP needs for the connection.
  • It is faster in the desktop environment than an RDP desktop
  • You can easily stream HD video, and use graphically intense apps with the Citrix desktop
  • You can bolt on our exclusive Two-Factor authenticated login on the Citrix desktop for increased security

We would recommend Citrix for any business that has users who move around a lot and will potentially be accessing the desktop where bandwidth is limited. Or for businesses with particular need to stream HD video, or use graphics applications. But for traditional office use where bandwidth is not limited RDP is still a perfectly sound option at a lower price point.
That’s easy, just get in it touch with us and we’ll discuss your requirements and provide you with a 7 day trial for the most suitable service for your needs. You can call our pre-sales team on 0845 862 0263 (option 1), email sales@cloud4computers.co.uk or use LiveChat to talk to us today.
For more FAQ's, please click here
Below are some helpful guides relating to Hosted Virtual Desktop.

How to access a Citrix Hosted Desktop via Windows


What you can Save!

We've been with Cloud4 for 6 months now, really fantastic customer service and price best around... highly recommended for any small business!

Always happy to help and having a dedicated account manager is great!

Christopher Wilcock

Balmer Wilcock

Key Features of our Windows Desktops:

Hosted Desktop your way - Choose Windows 7, 8, 10 style

With Cloud4 you get the ultimate in flexibility to tailor a service around your needs. You can even choose your operating system between Windows 7, 8 or 10 style desktops.

Exclusive Two-Factor Login Security

We know security is key in the cloud, and with our enhanced two-factor authenticated login option, users have the highest levels in access security.

Secure ISO-27001 Certified UK Data Centres

Keeping your data safely in our secure UK ISO-27001 certified datacentres, supporting your data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

FREE Exchange 2016 50GB Mailbox

Get the latest Exchange 2013 mailbox free with your Hosted Desktop when you select our PRO and Enterprise plans saving you £4.99 per user.

Free Application Server

As part of our Multi-user packages we’ll provide you with your own application server* FREE saving you £49.99 per month. Again all hosted in the UK.

Microsoft Office 2016

You get the latest Office 2016 Professional as part of your desktop, or opt for Office 2016 Standard if that’s all you need to use and save money.

We've been with Cloud4 for 6 months now, absolutely fantastic customer service and price best around...

Balmer Wilcock wanted to invest in a hosted desktop system, we had many quotes from lots of different suppliers but Cloud4 stood out from the rest with their attention to detail, pricing and level of service, not to mention the number of recommendations we had had from other business owners.

They completed the work quickly and efficiently without any fuss.

Later we wanted to introduce a VOIP system to the office, once again we went to Cloud4 who completed the work professionally and efficiently, they even explained in simple english how to set up and use the system. Thanks to the cloud based platform they installed we are now able to have an IT system that aligns with our expansion plans for the business going forward"


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