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What is Hosted Lync 2013?

Cloud4’s Hosted Lync is built on Microsoft Lync 2013 and delivers a complete unified communications suite providing real time IM chat, video and web conferencing, presence management, desktop and file sharing and enterprise voice, all from within a single window on your desktop or on the move on your smartphone or tablet device.

It’s easy to get started with Lync 2013, it’s is available in 3 easy to understand plans. All you need to do is select the mix of features that suits you and your business can access all the benefits of the future of communications today.


Key Features of Hosted Lync with Cloud4:


Our Hosted Lync is built on the latest version Lync 2013 which has a long list of new, innovative features which make it the best release ever. We then made it better by integrating it with our other 2013 suite services such as Exchange and SharePoint via a single user ID.
Lync 2013’s improves user interface allows you to do everything from a single window including managing great new features like tabbed conversations making multi-tasking easy!
If you get tired of typing your conversation you can just click on the telephone button and place a call to your Lync contact or even conference other people in to get things done faster. With Lync Enterprise Voice you can also connect to a SIP provider and make calls across the external PSTN networks right from your PC or tablet.
Whether you just need to allow somebody to support you, or you need to show another user how to do something, You can share not only documents but your whole desktop with other users at the click of a mouse, and take control back just as easily.
Sometimes you just need to provide document or hand-out to your team or clients during a meeting. I may be a copy of a presentation you're giving or even a document that they need to check. With Lync 2013 you can upload these right into the meeting in advance and participants can simply download them to their computers quickly and easily.
Lync 2013 now supports more mobile clients and platforms including Windows, Apple and Android than ever before making it even more versatile for collaboration on the move than previous versions.

Hosted Lync 2013 Features

Business Application Integration
Hosted Lync integrates with your business apps such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Office too. So it’s easy to use and enhances the applications you use on a daily basis.

Desktop Sharing
Make collaboration on projects, documents or diagrams easy by sharing your desktop at the click of your mouse.

Tabbed Conversations
With Lync 2013 you can do even more with tabbed conversations. Quickly switch between IM, video or voice conversations across multiple tabs.

HD Video Conferencing
Enjoy a greater video experience as Lync 2013 supports HD video conferencing and can even integrate with some other fixed conferencing solutions.

Integrated meeting scheduling
Hosted Lync 2013 also combines with Outlook so you can easily schedule and join those important meetings bringing your team, partners or clients together.

Lync to Voice
Lync provides a full Enterprise Voice solution that can replace your traditional PBX, not only improving your communications but reducing your costs.

Hosted Lync 2013 – 4 Important Benefits

Reduced Operating Costs
Hold your meetings online to reduce travel costs, improve worker collaboration and project delivery time to ultimately improve your ROI.

Enabled Collaboration
Speed up delivery of projects and quotes, close more deals and make more profit through better collaboration with your team.

Enabled user mobility
Users can work remotely and can access Lync’s great features on the move, improving business mobility and user productivity.

Ability to replace your PBX
Hosted Lync supports many common voice features so users can answer, forward, hold, transfer, park and release a call. And with Cloud4’s Lync-Voice you can make and receive calls securely to anyone across the PSTN network over the cloud*

*Additional costs apply to calls made externally over the PTSN and mobile networks. For a full quotation and call rates please contact our team.






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Business Pricing

Charity/Education Pricing   £1.99 £3.99 £10.99
Max Users   10 - -
Hosted Lync 2013   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
IM Chat (Instant Messaging)   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Live Presence awareness   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
File Transfer   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Peer-Peer audio/video   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Supports Mobile clients   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Cloud4 Exchange 2013 Integration   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Integration with Hosted SharePoint 2013   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Integrations with MS Office   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick




Professional Conferencing
Schedule/Host Multi-user HD video, audio and web conferences     Blue tick Blue tick
Host Multi-user IM Chat     Blue tick Blue tick
File and Desktop Sharing     Blue tick Blue tick
Public Federations to other networks     Blue tick Blue tick




Enterprise Voice
Call Control – Click to Call, Answer, Hold, Resume and Park.       Blue tick
Call Routing – team call, simultaneous ring, divert, forward       Blue tick
E999 / E911 Capability       Blue tick
Response Group and Agent anonymity       Blue tick
Call Delegation       Blue tick
Management Information reports       Blue tick
Public Network (PSTN) dial in/out       Blue tick
Mobile Networks, dial in/out       Blue tick




Support and Hosting
24/7 UK Based Support   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
UK ISO-27001 Datacentres   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
30 Day Money Back Guarantee   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Dedicated Account Manager     Blue tick Blue tick
Minimum Subscription   12 Months 12 Months 12 Months




Deals and Savings
10% off Hosted Exchange 2013 with Hosted Lync     Blue tick Blue tick
10% off Hosted SharePoint 2013 with Hosted Lync     Blue tick Blue tick

NB: Please note that additional costs will apply when making calls externally over the PSTN or Mobile networks. For a full quote of landline, mobile and international rates please contact our team today.


Simply put, Hosted Lync 2013 is the best release of Microsoft’s advanced messaging and collaboration application ever! Hosted Lync makes it easy for people to communicate wherever they are, and the launch of the 2013 version made it even better by including;

    • Multi-user HD video in Lync Meetings. Meeting attendees to see up to 5 live video streams and meeting content including application, desktop, and PowerPoint sharing. It also supports a wide range of endpoints so you can participate on your favourite device!

    • Skype connectivity. Now your users can add their Skype contacts list and see their online presence and chat with them via instant messaging and voice.

  • Up to date mobile and web clients. Lync can use the latest Windows platforms to deliver a seamless, touch-first experience with the new Lync app for Windows 8 & Windows RT. Microsoft have also improved the Windows Phone, iOS, and Android mobile clients and the PC/Mac web applications with voice and video over IP capabilities.
The short answer is yes, after you log in you can access and use everything you need from a single window and the interface is designed with ease of use in mind. The new tabbed conversations feature also makes it really easy to maintain multiple IM Chat, video and voice conversations at the same time with a single click.
Cloud4’s Hosted Lync uses highly secure 2048-bit encryption so you can chat, share your desktop and conduct interactive white boarding sessions knowing your safe and secure.
When you subscribe to Hosted Lync with Cloud4 our experienced team will do most of the work for you. We’ll setup your users and service according to your requirements and provide you with the links you need to download the client applications for whatever device you are using. Then all you have to do is login!

If you need support our team are here to help you.
Well that all depends on your business and what you want to use Lync for. We have 3 very easy to choose from plans to make this easier for you. If you just want the basic features of Lync then our Premium plan will suit you. If you want to make use of all the professional conferencing features of Lync then you need to select the Professional plan.

Finally if you are looking to unlock the full power of Lync including Lync Enterprise Voice and be able to make and receive calls both internally and externally over the PSTN and mobile networks then you need to select the Enterprise plan.

If you need any help in deciding what plan suits you best our team are always happy to help you.
Yes, when you make or receive external calls these are delivered over the traditional public network or PSTN. Charges apply for these and calls made to mobile numbers, but as Cloud4 is also one of the UK’s leading business VoIP providers we have some of the best deals and call rates available to further reduce your costs.
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Why Choose Hosted Lync?

  • Latest Lync 2013 release
  • Integrates with other 2013 services
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Exceptional UK customer tech support

What Our Clients Say ?

“Me and my company have used Cloud4 Computers, for several years and their support and knowledge is fantastic”

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