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VoIP is no longer a cost effective alternative to traditional telephony, it is the future. With the PSTN and ISDN networks set to be shut down from 2020, all phone services will be VoIP! As a trusted VoIP provider since 2009, Cloud4 deliver a reliable, feature rich online business VoIP system without the typical per user and per feature costs you see elsewhere. We provide an end to end deployment service from design, to setup, installation and our renowned quality of support for your new system.

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Benefits of Our Hosted VoIP

    Cheaper calls – anywhere!
    Make cheaper international and local calls through VoIP. As an experienced hosted VoIP provider we can recommend a solution to suit your use requirements.
    NO Per User or Per Feature Costs
    Maximise your savings, we dont charge you per user or per feature. At Cloud4 you get all the benefits our our hosted VoIP for multiple users, for a single low monthly cost.

    Many users can retain their phone number
    Our sales team will be able to confirm if we have a porting agreement with your provider, enabling us to transfer your phone number to your new VoIP system.
    Secure UK-based datacentres
    Secure and resilient datacentre infrastructure hosted in the UK and supported by our team of experienced staff and platform experts.

Business VoIP System Information

    Important information on Hosted VoIP Services                                                                          Cloud hosted VoIP is ideal for businesses and schools with up to 150 users, looking to purchase or replace a business phone system without compromising the features and benefits you get with the best onsite phone systems.

    Unlike other VoIP service providers we do not work on a cost per user or cost per feature. Instead you benefit from all the features of our advanced hosted phone system, for all your users, for a low monthly price starting from just £14.99 per month for up to 20 users. You don’t need to keep buying upgrades to get the features you want, or when you add a new user, so we'll always save you more and keep you up to date with the latest technology. 

    Cloud hosted VoIP delivers amazing flexibility, you can have extensions located anywhere you need, and can configure them on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet device or on a normal desktop SIP phone.

    Add to this the exceptional savings your business can make on its phone bills and it's easy to see why more and more businesses are moving to hosted VoIP systems!

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Hosted VoIP Plans from £14.99 (Not per user)

Secure, fully supported cloud-hosted VoIP systems from £14.99!

Hosted VoIP UK Packages  




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Package Pricing

Number of Users Included in Plan   20 40 60
1000 Bundled minutes included (UK Landline)     Blue tick  
1000 UK Landline / 250 UK Mobile minutes       Blue tick
Flexible Landline/mobile minute bundles available   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
UK 01,02,03 or non-geographic telephone number   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick




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Concurrent call per number (inbound)   3 3 3
Internal Numbers Included (up to 100 available)   30 50 80
FREE VoIP-VoIP Calls   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Contract Term 12 months   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
999 Emergency Services Access   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Free Voicemail   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Voicemail Notification via SMS or Email   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Call Forwarding   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Call Recording   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Online call logs and invoicing   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Online Contact Directory   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Customised CLI (caller line ID)   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Time of day Routing   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Call Conferencing   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
IVR/Auto attendant   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Music on Hold   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Hunt Groups   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick
Managed Setup Service available Please ask for custom quote   Blue tick Blue tick Blue tick




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Multi User Additional Number   Use this package on existing Multi-User VoIP packages for a simple and cost effective way of routing a more 'professional' number (e.g. an 0845 number or a 'golden' number in your own area code) to any existing Multi-User VoIP number. £3.99 £3.99
Multi User Perosnal Number   Get a block of personal (or DDi) numbers from as little as £1.25 per number per month. £1.25 £1.25
Fax-to-Email   Any UK number - 650 Area codes. Faxes delivered to you via Email as a PDF. Instant Setup! £10.00 £3.99
Emergency Services CLI   If you have users at more locations than you have incoming numbers, Get extra numbers so that you can create more locations Free Free

Business VoIP System - Getting it right

More and more people are asking what is VoIP? VoIP and Hosted VoIP solutions allow you to have the same quality calling as traditional PSTN lines (normal land line) but with more advanced telephony functionality than regular telephones. VoIP uses your internet connection to make and receive calls instead of your old fashioned copper lines.

A cloud hosted VoIP system uses software which enables a server to control a VoIP system over the internet. The system will turn voice data into digital data which is sent to the required recipient over the internet through a broadband connection. The broadband connection will have a platform from which the data will be sent to the recipient and so forth. Subscribers to VoIP services can choose to use an analogue or 'voice over internet protocol' service
Simply put, yes. VoIP can be optimised from many different angles that benefit you when it comes to price. Users can make cheaper international and local calls using VoIP, although price often comes down to working out yourself what you use your phone for and for how long; there is no definitive answer for everyone as each individual user differs. As experienced hosted VoIP providers we can recommended a solution to suit your use requirements. For more information about choosing the right package our friendly and experienced team is here to help.
Yes; if they are supplied by a company we have a porting agreement with, you can keep your current numbers. Please contact our sales team who will be able to confirm if we have a porting agreement with your provider.

While porting takes place, you sign up with a temporary new number, then we put the port through and replace the temporary number. Number porting takes 7 - 14 working days for a single line and costs £25 + VAT. It is important to remember that when you port a number away from your provider, they will cease that line and all its associated services, such as broadband.
VoIP is run on servers like every other internet-based technology. Cloud4 is an experienced UK hosted VoIP provider and has a secure and resilient datacentre infrastructure hosted right here in the UK. We also have a team of experienced support staff and platform experts to keep you connected.
More information and guides on our hosted VoIP solutions can be found on our hosted VoIP web page. However, if you would like more information about VoIP or the services we offer, just give us a call.
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What you can save!

CRE8 has used Cloud4 Computers for several years and their support and knowledge is fantastic.

Paul Newton


Key Features of Hosted VoIP Services with Cloud4:

NO Per User, Per Feature Costs

Unlike many providers, our hosted VoIP has clear and predictable costs, we dont charge you per user or per feature, you get everything for everyone at a simply monthly service cost, tailored for you!

Save up to 40% on your telephone costs

Cloud Hosted VoIP delivers great savings of up to 40% over traditional fixed line telephony. Why not let our team analyse your bills to see what we can save you today?

Exclusive calls/ minutes bundles available

With cloud hosted VoIP you can keep total control of your costs by adding bundles of UK or international landlines, and even UK mobile calls, to your VoIP account anytime.

Simple and cost effective setup

Cloud4 can work with you to understand your specific needs, then provide all of the handsets, routers and other hardware you may need cost effectively. We can even pre configure your entire system in our workshops and deliver it ready to plug and play, saving you time and money over replacing existing phone systems.

FREE local or non-geographic number

Every Cloud4 VoIP dial plan comes with a choice on UK local or non-geographic number free! You can even port your existing numbers into our system easily to maintain continuity.

Calls wherever you are

VoIP’s flexibility means you can configure extensions in any location and on any device, whether PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Cloud4 have proven to be an ideal partner for our business...

Realising the significance of a rapidly evolving Cloud Solution environment and its efficiency especially for small businesses, AK Payroll Services first contacted Cloud4 Computers in June 2012 enquiring about Hosted VoIP.

Anne found Cloud4 Computers through an Internet search by looking for a trusted and reliable Cloud VoIP provider that would meet the needs of her small Accountancy business and help lower the company’s telephony costs.

With a full range of business communication solutions from broadband connectivity to business mobile phone deals and one of the most advanced Hosted VoIP systems available, after research Cloud4 seemed the perfect partner. "


AK Payroll

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