Computer and Commercial Hardware at Cloud4

Hardware and Software to Support your Cloud Services

At Cloud4 we don’t only deliver a complete range of cloud and mobility services with all the connectivity options you need to help your business or organisation become more productive and mobile. We also work with all the major hardware vendors to provide for your IT hardware and software requirements at competitive prices.

We have access to over 30’000 products from PCs laptops, thin clients and servers, to network hardware, tablets and Smartphones, accessories and consumables to meet your IT needs. In addition to standard hardware we can provide more bespoke commercial hardware including PDA’s, handhelds and tablets to support your mobile sales and field service workforce and can even pre configure hardware as required before delivery for use with many of our cloud services.

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Hardware and software to compliment your Cloud Services

Whatever your IT needs Cloud4 has the products you need to compliment your cloud services and connectivity solutions and help your business or organisation achieve the mobility and productivity you’re looking for by adopting cloud computing.

So whether you’re moving to a Hosted Desktop and require a roll out service for new thin clients to replace ageing PCs. Adopting hosted exchange and need new Smartphones or tablets, and even the airtime and data contract that they come with. Or moving to Hosted VoIP and need new routers, handsets and network switches, Cloud4 has the complete range of products you need.

We focus on the major vendors for all the hardware we provide and are proud to be partnered with some of the best known brands for the products that suits our solution set.

Brands we sell include;

  • Apple
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • Draytek
  • Grandstream
  • HP
  • Meraki
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Snom
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • and many more

Selection of PC's, laptops and tablets

Hardware and software to compliment your Cloud Services

Many of our clients have specific hardware needs to suit the nature of their business and its users. At Cloud4 we have a complete range of semi and fully rugged hardware available to suit almost any purpose or user from leading commercial hardware vendors including Bluebird-Pidion, M3 Mobile, Catchwell and Handpoint.

The range of products includes rugged handhelds and tablets, PDA devices, Mobile payment and POS hardware and accessories and consumables.

So whether you are kitting out a field service operation, your external sales team or preparing to take payments at events or on the move, our team here here to help you find the right hardware solution to fit your requirements, all complimenting our cloud and connectivity services.

Selection of phones from Cloud4

Hardware and software to compliment your Cloud Services

So you’re moving some of your IT services to the cloud and now it’s time to make sure your users have the right mobile device to access it on. At Cloud4 we not only provide the cloud services and the mobile and data contracts you need to have, but we supply a complete range of Smartphones and tablets from all the major vendors across the Windows, iOS and Android platforms too. So when you take your hosted email, Lync or any other mobility services with us, we can deliver the connectivity and hardware you need together.

The advantage to your business is it’s all supported by a single provider and when you need to report any support calls regarding any of the services you use we don’t waste time deciding which supplier is at fault for a particular issue it’s just gets resolved.

For quotes or advice on which devices would suit your business requirements our friendly team are here to help you choose.

Selection of mobile phones and tablets

Why Choose Computer Hardware?

  • Over 30’000 Hardware and Software Products
  • Pre-delivery configuration services
  • Pre-Sales advise on what to buy
  • Competitive prices across the range

What Our Clients Say ?

“We saved about £400 initially and still save a fortune every month from the cheaper calls, and we got to keep our phone number which was important.”


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