Hosted Desktop – What’s all the fuss about?

Hosted Desktop users set to grow in 2013!

What is a Hosted Desktop?

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A Hosted Desktop is an ever more popular way of being able to access your Windows Desktop, which is traditionally found on your PC or Laptop. Instead of saving all your important documents and applications on your PC you can save them on your Hosted Desktop and then access them from any location and using almost any internet ready device. So you really can take the office with you.

What are the benefits of Hosted Desktop?

There are a wide range of benefits for your business with a Hosted Desktop and they are not just financial. Too many providers are selling the cloud as something that can simply save you money and that’s true in many cases, but it goes much further than that. The benefits for smaller and medium sized businesses for example, is the ability for your business to adopt flexible technologies that only the corporates could afford before, thus leveling the playing field when competing for business.

More than this, businesses using Hosted Desktops also gain a far greater level of flexibility in the way they can operate the business. It gives your users the ability to be innovative, to be productive from any place, any time and without having to invest huge capital to adopt the technology. It also brings predictable IT costs to a business through a simple cost per user subscription which can expand and contract in line with your business needs.

Imagine being able to remove capital costs such as purchasing and maintaining servers, and paying for external IT support for them. The service also works with just about any existing equipment you have so there is no need to invest in new PC’s, laptops or mobile devices, and when you do replace machines you only need to buy the Home version of the windows operating system, saving you approx £50 per machine. Here is a short list of some of the benefits of a Hosted Desktop:

Hosted Desktop Benefits:

  • No in-house servers required.
  • Low cost of entry, use the PC’s/Laptops you have.
  • Move your applications into your hosted environment and share to users as required.
  • Latest (stable) version of Windows – included.
  • Latest (stable) version of Microsoft Office.
  • Hosted Servers Backed up daily.
  • Online Data Backup Included.
  • Hosted Exchange 2010 Mailbox Included.
  • IT support to Hosted Environment and Users – Included.
  • Access your files, folders and applications from any location, anytime on almost any device.
  • Hosted in UK datacentres with 99.5% service level guarantee.
  • Predictable pricing from less than £20.00 per user per month.

Whats next for Hosted Desktop?

Globally as in the UK, more and more businesses are going hosted and moving their business into the cloud. The growth of Hosted Desktop has been an interesting one and has cut a slightly different path to that of other less complex services. Around 3 years ago, there was little knowledge among businesses about the concept, but that has consistently changed as more and more information became available through the media and the industry about the benefits.

Over the last 12 months or so, both Cloud4 and the industry generally has seen the interest in the solution, turn into adoption of it in greater numbers, and these businesses are now reaping the benefits of having a much more flexible business, with more predictable costs than ever before.

For more information about Hosted Desktop, why not visit the website, or have a chat with one of our friendly and experienced team.

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