Hosted Exchange – A Buyers Guide

Hosted Exchange user numbers continue to grow.

Hosted Exchange for Business
Hosted Exchange Continues to Grow

The growth of Hosted Exchange as the preferred business email solution was predicted by Microsoft several years ago, and now in November 2012 there seems no end in sight to the ever increasing number of businesses going hosted. It has been widely predicted that around 70% of small and medium sized business in the UK will adopt hosted email over the next few years, with up to 30% by the end of 2013.


At Cloud4, we’ve seen this in our own business, with the platform now supporting over 36’000 users not just in the UK, but through one of our latest clients in Peru, we’re supporting users in 28 countries globally. With more and more businesses going hosted all the time, it’s so important that businesses find the right provider to look after what is a business critical service. So to help all businesses out there who are considering adopting hosted email, we’ve compiled a few important things you need to consider when choosing your supplier.

Choosing the right Hosted Email Service!

With the current and expected growth of Hosted Exchange, it’s not surprising that the market has become pretty competitive over the last couple of years. So its important that you look around and find the best all round solution that fits your business needs. While making sure that the price and quality of service are right too.

Many hosting providers sell Exchange services based on a low headline price, but once you start to add the features you need to turn a mailbox into a solution, the price changes along the way. Features such as those listed below are a must have for many businesses, yet are considered optional extras by many Exchange providers, though at Cloud4 these are all standard features based on the plan you choose.

  • Permanent Archiving of email.
  • 25gb Mailbox Storage.
  • Mobile integration for any mobile device including Blackberry.
  • Appropriate levels of Spam and Virus filtering.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.

Hosted Exchange Reviews

The best way to judge any hosting provider is to listen to the feedback of real clients already using the services. Reviews have become ever more important in the decision making process these days, so make sure you check if your potential provider has not only posted client reviews on their website, but also check out reviews left through independent sources where the service provider cannot actively influence the review, such as Freeindex, Trust Pilot and others. You could even go one step further and request to speak to existing clients to hear their feedback directly.

Hosted Exchange – Buyers Summary

So to sum up how to choose the best hosted exchange service for your business.

  • Beware of headline prices – check what the final monthly cost per mailbox will be.
  • Understand what the migration cost will be.
  • Research your potential provider.
  • Check where, and how readily available support is.
  • Read as many client reviews as you can.

For more information on Hosted Exchange and whether it’s right for your business, simply visit the website or give us a call on 0845 862 0263, our friendly team are always happy to advise you.


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