How the Cloud can help Business Start Up to succeed?

Cloud leads entrpeneurs to successIn the last couple of year more new start-up companies than ever have been formed young entrepreneurs and experienced professionals decide that they want to start a business of their own. But these entrepreneurs need technology to function like any other business, which can be a difficult challenge with the potential lack of resources or finances available. But with cloud technology, start-ups can access the same technologies as much larger companies from day one provided as a service and paid for through a monthly subscription. In 2013 72% of US and UK start-up businesses have said that cloud computing played a major role in the expansion of their business. The cloud is on the rise with start-up companies and has become almost a must have for smaller businesses. Let’s look at some of the reasons why!

Cost saving – Many start-up companies invest in cloud services as a means to save money on their IT infrastructure while still having access to the services they need. There’s no need to buy software packages or hardware such as servers or client computers, nor does the start-up need a team of dedicated engineers as this is all taken care of behind the scenes at a datacentre. 60% of businesses said that cloud computing helped to free up their resources and improve in other business areas.

Security – Security is probably the number one priority for both businesses and consumers in today’s constantly connected world. Start-ups are more susceptible to being hacked or experiencing some form of damage caused by cybercrime which can boil over to the investors. With the cloud, start-ups can be sure that their data is secure right from the deployment stage. With most cloud services the data is safe behind advanced firewalls and encryption methods to ensure data integrity.

Reliability – Unlike a traditional in-house computer network, the cloud is available from anywhere, at any time. For some start-ups, being connected to their data is a must as they may be travelling to different meetings regarding their projects. With services like Hosted Desktops, they can access their entire computer desktop, which includes applications and data, from devices such as tablets, smartphones and even laptops with varying operating systems.

Scalability ­– Overtime, start-ups grow and take on new staff, clients and projects which get larger and more demanding in scale. In order to meet the increasing requirements, the cloud simply scales according to the need as and when required. If the start-up employs more people that need access to the cloud services, they can simply add more users of the services. If they decided to downscale their team or compute requirements, you can do this too. After all, that’s one of the primary strengths of cloud computing.

There are lots of cloud based services that start-ups could benefit from such as Hosted Exchange email, Hosted Lync and VoIP solutions to keep connected to clients on the move at a low cost. Whether the start-up has only just begun its journey or is a little more established, the cloud is perfect platform for them and can help them on their journey to success.

If you’re a start-up company or entrepreneur and would like to learn more about cloud computing and how it can benefit you, download our free guide today.

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