Cloud4 – Leigh Centurions Sponsors 2018

Cloud4 are excited to announce we are Leigh Centurions sponsors for the 2018 season.

Leigh Centurions Sponsors Cloud4
Phil Donoghue and Lynda Cundill of Cloud4 with the Centurions team

The company first became involved last season as a match sponsor for the game against Wakefield Trinity. We also had a range of advertising in and around Leigh Sports Village. After an exciting but ultimately dissapointing season in Super League, we quickly decided the time was right for us to step up and support the club and owner Derek Beaumont’s commitment to rebuilding for this year. The goal being an immediate return to Super League rugby.

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3 Ways to Stop Business Interrupting the Holidays

The summer’s officially over, and the kids are going back to school. Whatever fun we had over summer is soon going to be a distant memory, and before long, the Christmas countdowns will begin. We had precious few summery days in 2015, and for many entrepreneurs, holidays had to make way for essential work.

It’s the same every year. For SMEs, family holidays never really mean true relaxation. Fortunately, cloud computing is helping more entrepreneurs enjoy the summer, while offering clients a good level of service. Here are five ways to find a better balance.

1. Turn Off the Smartphone

To an entrepreneur, the idea of disconnecting the phone lines is akin to commercial suicide. But as convenient as smartphones are, they are also responsible for keeping us connected to the world of work when we should be relaxing. Last year, the German labour minister Andrea Nahles looked at banning employees from checking emails at home, due to the risk of “psychological diseases”. While it’s not helpful to overstate the risks, there’s certainly an argument for giving yourself a break.

To contain risk, ditch the mobile number and use hosted VoIP. That way, you can give our a respectable geographical or non-geographical number, while routing calls to your smartphone or a softphone app. Using an IVR, you can direct callers to an answerphone greeting and voice mailbox, or have urgent requests forwarded through to your phone.

2. Take Your Desktop With You

Hosted desktops function in the same way as a regular desktop computer. When you log on, all of your applications are there; your files are stored in the right places, and authentication prevents anyone else logging in. Unlike a regular desktop, your hosted desktop can be accessed through a browser, so you can enjoy the familiarity of your work machine from practically any location.

Hosted desktops let you access work when you need to, without the hassle of carrying a laptop on holiday. If you really need to work, you can jump on to any computer in the hotel’s business suite, and pick up where you left off. If you’re not staying in a hotel, take a tablet PC, and use all of your usual software on a virtual version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.

3. Sync Your Files

If you get a sales enquiry when you’re lounging by the pool, hiking back to your room for the laptop is the last thing you’ll want to do. It makes more sense to sync important files to multiple devices so you always have a copy on hand.

Cloud4 has a cloud sync product that’s a holiday essential. MyOwnCloud is packed with business features, with all files hosted in the UK. Download the apps for your PCs, laptops, tablets and phones, then sign in to sync them together. Sharing is simple, and the service works offline, even when you don’t have a data connection.

Get Set Up Today

The summer may be over, but the Christmas period will be upon us before we know it. Get set up with Cloud4 now, and your next holiday will be all the more relaxing. For a free demonstration, or details of our offers, speak to a Cloud4 sales advisor today.

Are tablets killing the desktop PC?

IDesktop PC for businessesn the second quarter of 2013, PC shipments suffered a drop in shipment by 10.9%, selling only 76 million units. This slump was caused by the increase of inexpensive android tablets, which provide everything that many PC users need in a cheaper, lighter and smaller form factor. Continue reading Are tablets killing the desktop PC?

There’s an app for that! – Or maybe there’s not.

mobile business apps for productivity

In a televised advertisement for the Apple iPhone 3G, the famous trademarked quote “There’s an app for that” was said to describe the library of the Apple App Store. This sparked the beginning of the App wars between Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store.

Google beat Apple at their own game. While Apple’s staple quote might suggest that they hold the most amount of apps, Google’s Play Continue reading There’s an app for that! – Or maybe there’s not.

Ever wondered what’s the best broadband for your business?

Closeup of a TFT screen with www adress being typed.If you’ve ever shopped around for a good broadband deal for your house then you might have come across “Business Broadband” packages from various internet service providers (ISP’s). But what is a business broadband package and why should your business choose it over regular broadband?

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Microsoft Price Increases 2012 – Software Licensing

After the much talked about announcement from Microsoft in February about its plans to bring the UK pricing for it’s volume licensing programs into line with the Euro. The actual percentage increases for each of the volume licensing groups was published this week, with hosting providers being hit the worst with a huge 33.4% increase (as shown in the table below).

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3 Years of Cloud4 Computing!

Welcome to the Cloud4 Computers blog. 3 years in the making but in our defence we have been very busy with development of our hosted services and looking after our clients incredibly well.

Let me start by saying it’s been an exciting and interesting journey through the last 3 years, in which we’ve seen “Cloud Computing” become an industry with so much potential for changing the way businesses view and use IT. Of course, providing IT services through hosting is not in any way a new concept, people have been using hosted email services for over 20 years, and let’s face it who actually hosts their own website?

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