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Broadband, mobile and network solutions that support your business

Fast, stable and secure connectivity is essential for any organisation working in the cloud. When you rely on your broadband or mobile connections to protect your business through online backup, to facilitate communication by your team and to allow you to grow, you should be reassured by a solution that’s tailored to you.

Cloud4 is proud to deliver a full suite of cloud and Managed IT solutions and combined with our broadband and connectivity recommendations sync perfectly with your business. From mobile and 4G options to FTTC, fibre and wireless-leased lines, Cloud4 will assess your connectivity requirements based on use and future need, recommending a solution and fully-managing the installation and migration process. From the ground up, Cloud4 supports your business’ cloud journey.

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Benefits of Connectivity with Cloud4


Fully-managed switch

Your Cloud4 team project manages the switch from start to finish, finding you a great value deal and working with telecoms suppliers to get you connected.


Solutions that suit you

Whether you need great mobile connectivity for working on the move or robust broadband for VoIP, we’ll recommend solutions for optimum performance.


Specialist solutions

Cloud4 delivers high-speed, high-capacity solutions ranging from mobile and 4G emergency backup to FTTC, fibre and wireless-leased ‘line of sight’ options.

Steve Nattress


“I was looking for a cloud-based VoIP solution designed to meet the needs of our small business as we prepared for a move to the new offices. We also chose Cloud4 to provide the broadband service to the new premises.”

Steve Nattress, AK Payroll Services

5 Star Rating

Connectivity FAQS

All you need to do is contact your existing broadband provider’s customer service and obtain your Migration Authorisation Code (known as a MAC key). Then, you simply place your order online and enter your MAC key when prompted.

Not all MAC keys are compatible with Cloud4 broadband. The MAC codes that are compatible should be in the following formats:

4 letters, 7 digits, forward slash, 2 letters, 2 digits, 1 letter. For example, LLLN0189907/DF34L


4 letters, 7 or 8 or 9 digits, forward slash, 2 letters, 2 digits, 1 letter (example BBIP1757713/DJ29K or FTIP01753715/BD19J or FTIP012345678/BD23J).

It’s a good idea to check your current contract, as some providers charge their customers for moving to another provider before a specified date. Once we have your MAC key and your completed order we can start moving you over to Cloud4. The entire process will take around two weeks. During the changeover you will briefly lose your broadband connection, but we’ll ensure that it’s up and running in as short a time as possible to minimise disruption to your business.

Just get in touch with us! We’ll discuss your requirements and set you up with a 7 day trial for the most suitable service for your needs.

All of our Connectivity products are priced individually, so we’ll discuss pricing with you once we know what you need.

Call our team on 0800 802 1989 or email info@cloud4computers.co.uk for more.

Customers on our LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) network have experienced speeds of up to 16Mbps. The actual speed that you will receive is based on three factors: the length of the wire that connects your premises with the BT exchange, the quality of the copper, and signal interference from other users or devices.

Cloud4 Business Fibre Professional Broadband and Cloud4 Business Fibre Priority Broadband customers will receive an uncontended asymmetrical subject to line capability.

If any changes to your telephony service are made (i.e. you upgrade from a residential to a business service, or the line stops for any maintenance whilst a broadband order or service is on the line) the broadband order or service will be automatically cancelled.

This service will then need to be re-ordered/provided at the usual 7-10 days.

If you are planning any changes it is advisable to check with Cloud4 support to see how the changes will affect your broadband service.

“Setting up or upgrading your connectivity couldn’t be easier with Cloud4! We’ll work with you to recommend a solution that works for your business and then look after the full migration process, allowing you to enjoy better value for money and more reliable network connections.”

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