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Fully supported Hosted Desktop for access anywhere

Remote working is now central to the way we do business. Hosted Desktop from Cloud4 offers a complete cloud-based system that’s flexible, secure and great value, allowing you and your team to work whenever and wherever you need.

Cloud4 offers industry-leading Citrix or RDP-based Hosted Desktop software that’s easy to install, use and manage. Our flexible packages can be adapted to suit any number of users, meaning however much you grow, Cloud4’s team will be there to support you.

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Benefits of using Hosted Desktop


Any device, anytime

Work from any device, any time, with your own Hosted Desktop login that gives you instant access to your files wherever you are.


Save space and money

Reducing the need for bulky on-site servers and their maintenance, Hosted Desktop will save your business space and money.


Tailored packages

With options such as Citrix or RDP, and operating systems including Windows 7, 8 or 10, you can choose the platforms you’re most comfortable with.

Amber Edwards


“Would recommend Cloud4’s Hosted Desktop to anyone. I love being able to work wherever I may be. Keep up the good service guys.”

Amber Edwards

5 Star Rating

Hosted Desktop FAQS

Setup is really straightforward. Once your order is placed, our UK-based team will agree a setup and migration plan with you which suits your business.

Every plan is unique and we take into account every single one of your requirements to make sure the solution works perfectly for you. We can build the solution alongside your existing environment and agree a go-live date that suits you to manage and minimise downtime.

Think of Hosted Desktop as a standard Windows machine in terms of what you can and can’t install. Typically, if an application works in a Windows environment, it will work on our Hosted Desktop. We currently host over 2,000 bespoke applications across the board, including popular apps such as Sage and QuickBooks.

We will install any applications you need as part of the setup process and will support this moving forward, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Before starting the setup, we will agree a migration plan and a go-live date. Since our first migration in 2009, we have never experienced a client being unable to work as a result of a Hosted Desktop deployment.

In the lead-up to the go-live date, we will ensure that we have installed and migrated everything that you need, meaning that when we reach the point of switchover, you can log straight in to the Hosted Desktop and seamlessly carry on with business.

It really depends on what you need for your business and what your budgets are. RDP has been, and continues to be, used perfectly well for many businesses but Citrix has some distinct advantages including:

  • It only requires approximately a quarter of the bandwidth RDP needs for the connection
  • It is faster in the desktop environment than an RDP desktop
  • You can easily stream HD video, and use graphically intense apps with the Citrix desktop
  • You can bolt on our exclusive Two-Factor authenticated login on the Citrix desktop for increased security

We would recommend Citrix for any business whose users who move around a lot and will potentially be accessing the desktop where bandwidth is limited, or for businesses with particular need to stream HD video or use graphics applications. For traditional office use where bandwidth is not limited, RDP is still a perfectly sound and good-value option.

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“Our clients love Hosted Desktop because It gives them the flexibility to work on the move, wherever they are and on any device! All they need is an internet connection and the world becomes their office!”

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