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OwnCloud online file sharing you can trust

Online file sharing is a fantastic way to create a truly mobile business. As users work flexibly, across time zones or in multiple locations, OwnCloud allows your team, clients and customers to collaborate and share documents easily, safely and securely.

OwnCloud complements Cloud4’s cloud-hosted services, syncing across all devices to ensure that the most up-to-date essential information is available to whoever needs it, when they want it. Cost-effective and simple to use, OwnCloud is fully supported by Cloud4’s expert team.

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Benefits of using OwnCloud


Syncs across all devices

Users can sync OwnCloud across apps on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones whenever they’re connected, or via a browser login for ease.


Access and restore

For up to 60 days after they’ve been deleted, files can be accessed and restored at the click of a mouse when you find you need them.


Easy to use

OwnCloud is simple to use and manage, with all files, documents and folders shared and controlled through expiry dates and password access.

Holly Windsor


“Been using Cloud4 for about 18 months now for OwnCloud. I love the ability to access my files anywhere and have strict permissions over what people see.”

Holly Windsor

5 Star Rating

OwnCloud FAQS

It’s really simple. We’ll send you our setup form which captures all of the details we need to set up the OwnCloud environment. Our team will provision the users quickly and send you a link, allowing you to download the relevant desktop client for your Windows PC, MAC or Linux device. Mobile apps for iOS and Android can be downloaded from the App store.

Once ready, you then need to enter the server details we provide you and start placing files into the “OwnCloud” folder and that’s it! If there is a large amount of data, we can look at migrating the data in other ways to ensure your internet speeds are not affected.

We take great care to protect files. Our web access is secured with 2048bit SSL encryption and data is stored in our ISO-27001 certified datacentres based here in the UK. It is also then backed up for additional resilience and security.

MyOwnCloud mobile apps are also highly secure, requiring not only user ID credentials but with PIN access control overlaid to avoid any unauthorised access to files even when logged in.

If any files or folders are accidentally deleted, they will remain in the ‘Deleted files’ area for 60 days. Simply click into this area, select the files you want to recover and press the ‘Undelete’ button.

One of the key benefits of OwnCloud is that it supports offline working. Changes can be made to files while offline and they will automatically sync across your other devices when you reconnect.

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“Our OwnCloud clients love the software’s collaborative features. Particularly where a project has input from several people, OwnCloud allows everyone to see their latest files as soon as they are saved. Great for project management!”

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OwnCloud Product Guide

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