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Industry-leading Hosted Exchange supported by Cloud4

Cloud4 was one of the first cloud providers to bring Hosted Exchange 2016 to the UK market, and we continue to lead from the front with this world-class, flexible and reliable email solution that was designed for modern-day working on the move.

Enjoying an outstanding range of features, competitive per-mailbox pricing and a massive 50GB – 100GB storage on some plans, Hosted Exchange is a great and easy way to start your business journey to the cloud and you’ll be fully supported throughout by your own Cloud4 account manager.

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Benefits of using Hosted Exchange


Seamless syncing

Automatically syncing across all devices when connected, users will stay up-to-date whether they’re working on PC, tablet or mobile.


FREE spam and antivirus firewall

Over 99% of unwanted mail is identified through advanced spam firewalls, protecting your business and its standard with all Exchange packages.


FREE permanent email archiving

Easily access deleted mail with permanent, unlimited and supported archiving and backup, included in many plans for the life of your Exchange mailboxes.

Oliver Mulholland


“Exchange functionality is good, and the Control Panel gives us the flexibility to manage it internally whilst having it hosted at the same time. Pleased with the setup and migration, everything went to plan and very happy with the outcome.”

Oliver Mulholland

5 Star Rating

Hosted Exchange FAQS

The setup is really simple and we’ll handle everything for you. Once you complete our straightforward setup form, we will create your mailboxes exactly as you ask us to. Once this is done, we can handle the DNS change for you or send you the relevant details. Our Technical team will be there for you throughout the entire process, making setup seamless.

All of your email data is backed up using two different methods: Database Level Backup and Archiving Backup.

Exchange Database Level Backup

Method: We use Microsoft DPM (Data Protection Manager) technology to backup all exchange databases.
Purpose: This allows us to restore individual databases in case of corruption or email deletion.
Retention: We keep full mailbox backups for 30 days.

Exchange Archiving Backup

Method: Every email is journaled to a SQL database.
Purpose: This allows users to log on to the archive to restore individual messages directly.
Retention: Indefinite as long as user stays on the system; archive is emptied 90 days after a user is removed from the system.

Yes, there are multiple ways in which mail can be migrated. If you are comfortable performing the migration yourself, we can provide all of the tools you need to do this and we’ll be on hand if you require assistance. If you prefer us to handle the migration, we’re happy to take control and plan this with you. Some of our clients’ preferred methods of migration include:


MigrationWiz is the fastest and easiest way to migrate mailboxes across platforms. In addition to mailboxes, quickly and easily migrate public folders, documents, archives, and PSTs – all while keeping file hierarchies intact.

MigrationWiz utilises the fastest data farms on the planet, performing migrations as fast as the source and destination servers will allow, whilst allowing users to retain the ability to send and receive email throughout the process.

Manual Remote Migration (one-by-one)

A Manual Remote Migration is ideal for clients with 1-25 users. The method is effective but it can prove to be time consuming as each user is migrated one-by-one, locally through Outlook. The time this takes will depend on the size of each mailbox and the availability of users.

With over 750 Manual Remote Migrations completed, this method still proves to be effective, both on performance and cost.

Ship & Return Hard Drive

The Ship & Return Hard Drive method is effective for clients that have their own Exchange Server in-house. Using this method will gather all the data we need but timescales are completely dependent on how much data is on the Exchange Server and courier availability.

It can be used for clients who don’t have an Exchange Server and you can backup individual mailboxes, although this does take longer.

On-Site PST Import/Export (self-service)

The PST Import/Export method is very similar to the Manual Remote Migration and is ideal for clients that you have access to and can reach on-site. The method is effective but it can prove to be time consuming as each user is migrated one-by-one, locally through Outlook. The time this takes will depend on the size of each mailbox and the availability of users.

Absolutely none! The new mailboxes are setup whilst you are still using your existing system, and we’ll plan the switchover at a time that suits you. Once mail is flowing to your new mailboxes, we can import the historic email.

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“We’d recommend Hosted Exchange to any business; it’s a great way to start your journey to the cloud. Straight away, our clients benefit from multiple device syncing and versatile Exchange features, all at a great price and fully supported by Cloud4!”

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