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With the analogue phone switch-off now planned from 2020, alternative solutions are a must-have for all businesses. Hosted VoIP from Cloud4 is a great choice, bringing an immediate return on investment. Our systems can save you money on your phone bill and it’s easy and cost efficient to adopt, with ‘big business’ features fully inclusive in your plan.

Enjoying a host of enterprise-grade features and with call clarity a priority, Cloud4’s VoIP system is supplied fully-configured and ready to go, with flexible packages to suit your specific needs. Wherever you choose to work, simply plug in and start your business conversations.

Try Hosted VoIP! From £9.99 for up to 20 users, Cloud4 delivers a leading system at a fantastic price.

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Benefits of using Hosted VoIP


First-class features

Our advanced phone systems deliver fantastic functionality to help you do business, all easily setup in our online control centre.


Easy migration

Moving to VoIP is straightforward, and you’ll be supported by our team with expert advice designed to save you money and deliver quality voice.


No per-user costs

For one low monthly cost, you can enjoy multi-user Hosted VoIP with an outstanding range of features at a budget to suit you.

Leah Stapleton


“Loved that they don't charge per user for VoIP plans, easy to understand price plans with no hidden extras. We were guided through every step of the process. Keep up the good work!”

Leah Stapleton

5 Star Rating

Hosted VoIP FAQS

Like all technology solutions, the devil is in the detail, so yes Hosted VoIP today is as reliable as a fixed line service providing it’s planned and deployed correctly. Our team has been delivering and supporting quality Hosted VoIP for over 10 years, so we know a thing or two about getting it right.

Our Hosted VoIP is hosted exclusively in our ISO accredited, UK datacentres. All of our datacentres are fully secure locations, with no allowance of any unwanted access. All of the datacentres we use are ISO 27001 certified and work on uninterruptible power, meaning that even with a full power outage, they have on site resources to last a further 7 days. Our datacentres offer state-of-the-art fire protection using VESDA systems and FM200 gas suppression. The sites are protected from intruders by a long list of security precautions including secure gated access, and sites are manned 24 hours a day with full protection.

Simply put, yes. VoIP can be optimised from many different angles that benefit you when it comes to price. Users can make cheaper international and local calls using VoIP, although price often comes down to working out yourself what you use your phone for and for how long; there is no definitive answer for everyone as each individual user differs. As experienced hosted VoIP providers we can recommended a solution to suit your use requirements. For more information about choosing the right package our friendly and experienced team is here to help.

When setting up Hosted VoIP, you’ll need to consider a few initial points:

Number Porting

If you have an existing number that they wish to retain, this will need to be ported across. The port generally takes 7-10 days to be completed but can be longer or shorter in some circumstances.


You can use your existing handsets providing they are compatible with our Hosted VoIP solution. Alternatively, we can provide new handsets fully configured and ready to plug in.

Call Plans

Our Hosted VoIP is charged per plan, not per user. For example, 1 plan can receive 2 to 3 inbound calls at any one time. Outside of the standard plans, clients can bolt-on packages for call bundles if required. The best way to measure whether a call bundle is required is to review a previous bill to see how many calls you make, and typically the numbers you dial. If it would work out more cost effective for you to have a call bundle, we will recommend that to you.

Once we have all of the information required, we’ll pass this to our Technical team who’ll configure the handsets (if required) and your account on the Hosted VoIP portal.

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"Hosted VoIP is an essential for any business, and we’re really proud of our VoIP services! Our technical team fully configures systems to make installation easy, and from your first enquiry we work hard to tailor a plan that really suits your needs"

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